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Melissa Alcantara in Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares "Leg Day"

Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 

Melissa Alcantara is sharing her leg day workout. In a new social media post the trainer, who famously worked with Kim Kardashian, reveals the five exercises responsible for her shapely legs. "This leg day is all about the BOOTY! Save this baby!" she writes in the caption. Take your time with each movement and focus on time under tension and form!" How does she approach diet, fitness, and self-care? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 


Single Leg Hip Thrusts

First up is single leg hip thrusts. She does 4 sets of 12 each leg 2 seconds down 2 second pause then right back up. "Each rep should take about 5 seconds. Move from one leg to the next without rest until done," she says. 


Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Melissa Alcantara/Instagram

Next up, stiff leg deadlifts, doing 4 sets of 10, "3 seconds on the way down 1 second on the way up and 2 second squeeze at the top," she says. "Trust me you won't need a lot of weight for this."


Walking Lunges

Melissa Alcantara/Instagram

She then does walking lunges, 3 sets of 12 each leg. "Focus on keeping the weight right by your side and keeping a nice firm stable movement," she explains. 



Melissa Alcantara/Instagram

The fourth exercise? Adductions. She does 3 sets of 20. "Focus on controlling the machine on the way out, slow it down. At the end of the 20 reps hold your legs together for 10 seconds," she says. 



Melissa Alcantara/Instagram

Her last exercise is hyperextensions. She does 3 sets of 15. "Round the top of your back to really engage the booty here. DO NOT hyper extend your back. Your neck and lower back should be in line at the end of the movement," she writes. 


She Recently Debulked

Melissa recently debulked her body by doing a few things. "No matter what I do I will always have an athletic build, it's just the way I am naturally (genetics)," she wrote in apost, revealing her 140-pound figure. "What I've done these past 2 years to accomplish this.". The first thing Melissa did was reduce her workouts. "Lift 3-4 times a week, not 6 like I used to," she revealed. The second thing Melissa did to bulk down? "Not lift as heavy," she writes, "mostly with upper body exercises," she says. She also put more of a "focus on lower body exercises," she writes. "I'm way more muscular upper body."


She Also Changed Some Lifestyle Habits

As for her diet, Mel changed it up. "Eat intuitively, lots of rice and chicken and some drinks here and there," she says. "More resting and sleeping and less stress," also helped Mel achieve her body goals, she writes. "Basically, I'm just living life doing other things than lifting weights and being in the gym," she concludes. 

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