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MMA Star Aspen Ladd in Workout Gear Shows Off Rock-Hard Abs

"You can usually tell how close to a fight I am..."

MMA fighter Aspen Ladd is ready to rumble—you can tell by counting the abs on her stomach. Ladd, 29, shared a picture of herself posing in red yoga pants and a purple shirt, showing off impressive abdominal muscles in preparation for her fight. "You can usually tell how close to a fight I am , based on how many abs I have 😂 the current answer is, 'very close'," she captioned the post. Here's how Ladd stays strong, fit, focused, and ready for the ring.


Hiking With the Pups

Ladd loves to hike with her pups (and doesn't mind doing some heavy lifting in the process). "We all need a little help sometimes 🙂 this is on today's 11.5 mile hike. Kaia needs help to cross fast moving water like this ( she will be 14 this summer). It's a privilege to still have old girl as my adventure buddy and enjoying her wild self ❤️," she captioned an Instagram post.


5 Mile Runs In the Mountains

Ladd goes running in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with her dogs. "5 miles of running and a whole bunch of playing is good for the soul …especially on Thursday before evening training. Because Thursdays are ROUGH usually. Balance ⚖️," she captioned an Instagram post.


Scrubbing Down the Mats

Ladd likes to cool down after training by cleaning the mat herself. "Rate our mat scrubbing skills," she captioned a funny video. "This gym is a funk free zone 🙅‍♀️ it's luck of the draw who scrubs them down after each practice ( usually the last ones in the gym) ….but I never mind and it's a nice cool down after some real good sparring rounds tonight."


Respect For Nature

Ladd is aware the mountains can be dangerous, always has her two German Shepherd dogs with her for protection when she's hiking. "A beautiful 8 mile loop near my home. It's always crazy to me when I see people out solo hiking or running. No dogs no other people, headphones in …just livin on hope 😂," she captioned an Instagram post. "For example, just tonight in 8 miles my dogs alerted that there was some kind of predator near by on 5 separate occasions. Could be anything from a coyote to a bear 🐻 I never know until I find prints of scat . 2 weeks ago it was a cougar. How do I know it's a predatory animal, you may ask? Easy , my dogs spend so much time out in the mountains with me that I know based on their different reactions."


Recovery Workouts

Ladd switches up her training when to deal with injuries while still staying active. I tweaked my back pretty good at the end of last week, and it's not quite up to chucking humans around yet 🤼‍♀️," she captioned a video. "So my coach gave me a less body wrecking assignment to do tonight, and give the back one more day to recover.

Warm up / stretch for 1 mile


Run 1 mile

Shadow box 5 minutes

Repeat ✖️3

Visualize opponents/ scenarios the whole time and practice what we've been drilling. It's a great low stress workout for anyone wanting to try 🙂."

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