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MMA Star Cat Zingano In Workout Gear is "Comin' in Hot" at the Sauna

“Comin’ in hot."

MMA star Cat Zingano trains hard and fights hard—and she knows how important recovery is to her overall success. Zingano, 41, shared a picture of herself wearing black pants and a matching sports bra, looking hot and glowing while taking a selfie from the sauna. "Comin' in hot 🥵 #sauna #work #fitness #detox," she captioned the post. "One of my cardio sessions consists of stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill, and finishes with 15 minutes in the sauna," a fan commented. Zingano's nickname in the MMA world is "Alpha"—here's what her approach to fitness, wellness, and success looks like.


Training As Therapy

Zingano looks at training as a form of therapy, which has helped her through some of the most challenging times of her life. "I never stopped training. You know I stopped fighting. When I was injured, when I lost my husband, I stopped when I needed to take the break. But I never stopped training because training is my therapy," she told Bleacher Report. "I've continued to improve. I've been training continuously just like these girls that have continued to fight. I know in the eyes of the fan, I haven't been on TV and the show went on without me. But I didn't stop working towards my goals. I never have."


Favorite Snacks


Zingano makes an attempt to keep healthy snacks at hand, but admits she has a sweet tooth. "I really love chocolate. I love almonds. I love different types of vegetables with dips," she told Providence St. Joseph Health. "I'm luckily gluten-intolerant so the snacks that I choose not while in training camp are typically gluten-free… if not I would probably want to eat everything. My favorite indulgence is chicken wings and they have to be really good ones, and I'm a cake connoisseur in a different life."


Competitive Swimming

Zingano swims as part of her exercise regimen. "Always training and working on ways to push myself," she captioned an Instagram post. "I was in competitive swimming for a long time and love to bring it back to switch things up."


She's a Thrill Seeker

Zingano is known for being a bit of an adrenaline junkie. "I'm really outgoing. I love to be outside," she told MMA Mania. "If there's a cliff with water under it, I'm gonna jump it. If there's a waterfall that someone didn't die going down, I'm gonna try that. I'm a thrillseeker and I love getting involved in everything. If I see a cool tree, I want to climb it. I'm a free spirit. Anything that looks fun, I want to make fun. Opponents are all opponents and at the end of the day, we can all get a beer and be cool. Staying in the best possible state mentally, physically and spiritually is the best possible thing we can do for ourselves as far as the career goes."


Family First

Zingano is careful to balance the needs of her family with work and fighting. "Outside of the gym, I think it's important to have balance in the personal life," she told MMA Mania. I need to make sure my family is okay before I even hit pads. Those things matter and they count to me when I'm going into the ring, the cage, I need that balance in my life. I take care of the fun side of things because training isn't always that fun. You've got to supplement it just like taking any other supplement to make up for things you lack during these long training camps. They're very time consuming and attention consuming and the balance is very important for me."

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