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Model Doutzen Kroes Shares Swimsuit Photos From Greece

Here are the simple health habits behind her fit figure.

Doutzen Kroes is living it up with her supermodel pals in Greece – in her swimsuit. In one of her recent social media posts the Victoria's Secret alum flaunts her incredible figure in a bathing suit while posing up a storm with Candice Swanepoel, Joan Smalls, photographer Jerome Duran, and husband Sunnery James. "Quality time with friends in Greece," she captioned the Instagram snaps. How does the 38-year-old stay so fit? She abides by a few simple health habits. 


Ballet Fitness

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Ballet Beautiful with Mary Helen Bowers is Doutzen's go-to workout. She takes the classic dance inspired class three times a week. "It keeps everything tight. I've worked out with her for two years and I really like the results," she told Vogue. "I used to always box and run, and with boxing, I would build a lot of muscle. After I had my son [Phyllon, age 3½], I started doing ballet. It makes you long and lean—it's like the Pilates look."



Stomach Vacuuming

Doutzen has an ab hack: Stomach vacuuming. "One thing that I've always done since I was younger is suck in my stomach," she told Vogue about her fitness trick. "I think that gave me [ab] muscles. I don't even think about it—like when you sit in a car, use your core to sit up straight. You can work out sitting in a car! I did leg and butt exercises during my pregnancy, but I haven't done anything since I had my baby because I don't want to damage my stomach muscles. It's better to wait a while."


Wheat Juice


"Every morning I mix an orange, grapefruit, and lemon with wheatgrass or green powder in the blender," Doutzen revealed to Vogue. "It's very sour. It doesn't taste good at all, but I do it because it's healthy." She added that healthy eating was instilled in her as a child. "Growing up, my mom gave me really healthy food. Everything was fresh from the garden and organic before the organic hype. I still eat mostly organic food."


Pressed Juices

Doutzen also juices. "I love Juice Press because they have some juices that actually taste good. I like to order at night and get it in the morning, then I don't have to press anything myself," she said. 


Protein, Good Fats, Fresh Produce

Doutzen's breakfast-of-choice is green juice, eggs, and avocado, and ends her day with fish and greens. For lunch she usually has a salad, or a salad and fries to "mix it up a little bit," she told Byrdie. She always brings healthy snacks with her. "I always like to have mixed raw nuts with me for when I get hungry—especially when I was pregnant I was scared I wasn't getting enough—or a banana." 

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