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Model Mahlagha Jaberi In Workout Gear Goes Hiking In Nature

“Be thankful.”

Model Mahlagha Jaberi spent Earth Day in April enjoying the beauty of nature. Jaberi, 34, shared a video of herself wearing white yoga pants and a matching sports bra, hiking at South Lake Park in Southern California. "🌎🌱 Happy Earth Day! Let's appreciate our planet's beauty and be thankful for the amazing things in nature that inspire us daily. Let's commit to save and take care of this valuable gift for future generations," she captioned the post. Here's what Jaberi's health and wellness routine looks like.


Healthy Diet

Jaberi enjoys a nutritious diet with the occasional slice of pizza. "To maintain my physique and energy, I incorporate a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats," she told Pallazzo Magazine. "Portion control is important, so eating in moderation helps maintain my weight and energy, while drinking plenty of water keeps me hydrated. I avoid energy dips by eating balanced meals and healthy snacks by limiting processed foods and sugar. I also stop when hungry, and stop when my body is satisfied."


Balanced Lifestyle

Jaberi is constantly busy, and tries to maintain balance. "I don't waste a second of my life," Mode Lifestyle Magazine. "That's the only way to keep the balance for me. I try not to spend a lot of time hanging out with friends or going out, but still I do feel like I need more than 24 hours a day sometimes to be able to keep up with all aspects of my life."


Follow Your Dreams


Jaberi has a simple wellness philosophy. "Just follow your dreams and do what you love and really enjoy," she told Mode Lifestyle Magazine. "That's the key to happiness and if you are happy with your life and what you do, you'll succeed. And remember that being healthy is the most important thing in life. Always love and take care of yourself and stay positive."


Always On the Move

Jaberi stays active even during her down time. "Outside of modeling, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends," she told Pallazzo Magazine. "When I have downtime, I enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as going out to dinners, hiking in nature, or experiencing new adventures. I love going on trips with friends to relax, have fun and soak up the sun."


Weights and Cardio

Jaberi works out for her health as well as appearance. "Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial as a model," she told Pallazzo Magazine. "How you feel internally is projected externally, and this encompasses both the physical and mental aspects. My favorite regimen to heal mind, body and soul are regular workouts with weights and cardio, balanced diet, hydration, restful sleep, mindfulness, and personalized routines, such as hikes in nature."

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