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Modern Family Star Sofía Vergara Shares Swimsuit Photo From "Weekend"

Five ways Sofia Vergara gets her famous body!

Sofía Vergara has gone through a lot of highs and lows over the past few months with her pending divorce from Joe Manganiello, but the Modern Family alum is making the most of single life. Scroll through her Instagram page and you'll see the America's Got Talent judge having fun with friends, dancing the night away at events, and traveling. The 51-year-old is also making time for self-care and workouts. Here's how she stays in shape and maintains her famed hourglass figure, as evidenced from a brand new photo she posted to Instagram.


She Uses Resistance Bands

A few weeks ago, the fashion designer posted a video of a workout focusing on her glutes with her sister Claudia, her friend Margarita, and her trainer Natalia Botero. Wearing tight leopard prints and a black shirt, Vergara holds onto gym equipment while doing leg lifts with a resistance band. She captioned the video "nightmare." 


She Does Straight Leg Donkey Kicks

In another video, Vergara wears a fiery red workout ensemble from her activewear fashion line at Walmart and does straight-leg donkey kicks on a bench. She increases the intensity using a resistance band making it more challenging. The move not only targets the glutes but helps stabilize the core. 


She Does Side-Lying Leg Raises


After the donkey kicks, Vergara works out her glutes again. In the same video, you can see her on a mat lying on her side doing leg raises. She props her head up with her left hand while she lifts and lowers her right leg. This move targets the side muscles of the core, hips, glutes, and leg.


She Does Single-Leg Raises


Vergara spends a lot of time focusing on her lower body during workouts. For her final move in the video, she does single-leg raises. In a downward-facing dog position with both hands on the mat and balances on her left foot as she raises her right leg repeatedly. The AGT star also activates her upper body in this move while targeting her hips, legs, core, and glutes. 


She Uses Ankle Weights

Sofía Verga/Instagram

Vergara gave fans another glimpse of how she gets her booty. Working out again with her sister and trainer, the ladies used ankle weights and worked on the glutes and thighs while also using a resistance band. This time she captioned the post, "Torture Tuesday."

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