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Nadia Bartel in Two-Piece Workout Gear Gets Fit For Dancing With the Stars Australia

Here are her top lifestyle habits.

Nadia Bartel is flashing her abs – in her latest Dancing teaser. In a new social media post the model flaunts her ab fab midsection in a sports bra and leggings, prepping for Dancing with the Stars Australia. "I'm soo excited to share that I am on @dancingau this year. My amazing dance partner @lyu_masuda_nfs has had so much patience with me- and keep watching this vid to see us on promo day in my pink outfit, which gives you a glimpse of my attempts- or more so failed attempts ha x #DancingAU is coming soon to @Channel7 and @7plus," she captioned the post. How does the 38-year-old approach health and wellness? Celebwell has the details on her top lifestyle habits. 


Hot Water and Lemon

Nadia is one of the many stars who starts her day off with a simple, but detoxifying Ayurvedic drink. "I always have a big glass of water with lemon as soon as I wake up," she told Women's Health.  


Clean Eating


"My diet is very Mediterranean due to my Italian background so I love nuts, olive oil, avocado etc (so good for our skin too). I also try to add a little protein at most meal times," Nadia dished during a 2021 Instagram Q&A session. She detailed her diet to Women's Health. She starts off with a two-egg omelet with tomato, cottage cheese, avocado and chili spread. "I love a bit of spice (even in the morning)" she told Women's Health. Greek yogurt, almonds, or crackers with dip or cheese are a few of her go-to snacks. For lunch, she will eat a rice Salad with tuna, jalapeños, rice, kimchi, cucumber and beans, and for dinner, roast veggies, spinach, salmon with ginger and lemon.




Nadia makes sure to get a lot of sweat sessions into her week. "On a good week, I try to fit in 2 x 'one on one' Pilates sessions with my teacher and 1 x resistance training.  I also try to fit in at least one long (and fast-paced) walk with the boys," she told Women's Health. 



Nadia understands the "importance of meditation," explaining to Women's Health how it helps her mental health. "It is so important to remove negative thoughts, stress, worries and anxiety. It has been such a huge difference to my mental health and wellbeing once I started doing it regularly. It can be hard to start, but there are so many apps around like Calm or Headspace which can help."


No Calorie Counting


"I have never calorie counted. I like food too much and I believe in a little of everything in moderation," Nadia revealed in a Q&A session. "I have always had this approach with food and I think that's why I don't binge too much, as I don't deprive myself of certain foods." Instead, her focus is on eating healthy 80 percent of the time.  


Intermittent Fasting

Nadia Bartel/Instagram

"I started intermediate fasting during Covid and felt really good. I would have my last meal at 7.30pm and eat again at 11.30am," Nadia revealed during her Q&A. "It was hard initially as I was a big breakfast eater so I was starved. But I suffer from a few stomach issues and it helped with my bloating etc and general energy levels. I have eased off a bit the last few months but keen to start it again."

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