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Natalie Eva Marie In Workout Gear Gets "Humbled Real Quick" on 4 Mile Run

Here are her fitness tips.

Former WWE star Natalie Eva Marie may not be competing in the ring anymore but she's still a champion when it comes to her workouts. Marie, 39, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and blue shirt, going for a 4-mile run with her dog. "Me and the beast got some miles in this morning 🏃🏻‍♀️🐺 and finished with a hill sprint 🥵. Sprint uphill with a Belgian Malinois and that will humble u reallll quick 😭🚀. Health is wealth!! Who got their sweat on today?!" she captioned the post. Here's what Marie does to stay—literally!—fighting fit.


Meditation and Cardio

Marie gets up between 4.30-5.30 a.m. to start her day in peace and quiet. She starts the day by taking her dogs out, making coffee, meditation, and prayer. Then it's time to work out. "I will always do some sort of cardio, whether that's walking, boxing, jumping rope, or going on a run," she told Ryderwear. "Health and fitness is super important to me, not only from being an athlete my entire life, but I also truly believe health is wealth. If I'm not healthy then I can't do all the things I love. After my cardio session I will shower and get ready for the day."


HIIT and Weight Training

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Marie always does some strength exercises as part of her workout routine. "When I train I always do a form of weightlifting and then HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)," she told Ryderwear. "On my subscription site, you get my workout of the day and always see a combination of both. We are all super busy with life and everything else we have going on which is why I really love HIIT training because you're able to get amazing results in the least amount of time, making workouts super efficient."


Changing Up Workouts

Marie says she changed her workouts after leaving the pro wrestling world. "In WWE, I focused more on Olympic lifting," she told GQ. "I had to make sure that I was physically able to lift another human being at all times. Now, I'm going for a different, leaner look. High-intensity interval training and Tabata workouts are really good for me, because they prevent me from getting bored, and don't require me to be in the gym for two hours. I can get in, do what I need to do, and get out."


Egg Sandwich For Fast Breaking


Marie practices intermittent fasting and usually breaks her fast with a homemade breakfast sandwich. "Right now I'm intermittent fasting which means I fast for 16 hours and then eat during my eight hour window, so I usually don't have my first meal till 1.00 p.m.," she told Ryderwear. "I had a 15 minute break so my first meal of the day is an egg sandwich. It's a pretty simple meal, with two pieces of sourdough toast and two whole eggs, with an additional two egg whites."


Cheat Day Champion

Marie is Mexican-Italian, and never turns down her mother's home-cooked food. "I should just honestly film my cheat day because people would be impressed by how much food I can put down," she told GQ. "When my husband and I first started dating, I had just started my WWE tryouts—I think I was in my third week. I went over to his place and he made banana pancakes. I really liked them, so he asked 'Do you want another one?' That kept going, and I swear I put down about 20 of them. I was training at the time, but also, they were that good. I do not play around when it comes to cheat days."


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