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Natalya Neidhart In Workout Gear Shares Intense Training Routine

“The secret is to outwork everyone.”

WWE star Natalya Neidhart is showing the intense training routine she credits for her health, strength, and recovery. Neidhart, 42, shared a video of herself wearing a gray one-piece exercise outfit, using heavy weights in her garage. "The secret is to outwork everyone 🤫," she captioned the post. "Ready for your dark side to come out on Raw. They are not giving you your props. Time to be the She Hulk," a fan commented. Here's what's next for the popular fighter.


Pain-Free Thanks to Training

Natalya Neidhart/Instagram

Neidhart credits her good physique to putting in the work with her training. "As time goes on, I feel like I'm really and excited about what I'm doing and where I'm going," she told Toronto Sun. "Sometimes I wake up and wonder when I am going to feel that feeling like my knees hurt. I've been so lucky. I wake up and feel almost pain free. I attribute my health, my actual physical health, to really incredible training because I still train every single week."


Push Through the Pain

Natalya Neidhart/Instagram

Neidhart says wrestling is a painful hobby. "You do have to push through the pain to decide whether you like it," she told Toronto Sun. "You have to find out whether the risk is worth the reward, so to speak. For me, when I first started doing it, it definitely did hurt physically, but I found that because I enjoyed it so much, mentally and physically, I felt like I recovered quickly and started to develop a tolerance for the pain. I was able to build a thick skin pretty fast, especially in the Dungeon."


Fan Favorite

Neidhart loves positive feedback from the fans. "When we have opportunities we have to nail those performances and I feel like every time I have gotten an opportunity to have a championship match like I did last year with Rhea Ripley on Raw, I felt extremely proud of that match," she said on the Gorilla Position podcast. "We did really great ratings with it and it was very, very well-received. I remember feeling so happy with that and being every time I am given an opportunity I have to nail it because I want to be able to prove to the people who make the decisions about my career that I can go and that I can hang."


Redefining Success

Natalya Neidhart/Instagram

Neidhart is philosophical about her career so far. "I've learned to redefine success in this industry," she told Toronto Sun. "It's not always about who has the most championships. Sometimes, success is having your health, your relationship and being able to have something to show for yourself. Attaining longevity while cultivating the future of our industry, like the pat your head and rub your stomach trick. How do you have success here and then cultivate the future? I feel like I've found that."


Always the Bridesmaid

Natalya Neidhart/Instagram

Neidhart is ready to take on new roles in WWE. "The company looks at me like a steady, stable foundation for so many different reasons but for me, it is okay to want more and say 'Hey, I want to be the bride.' I don't mind being the bridesmaid but sometimes I want to be the bride," she said on the Gorilla Position podcast. "I am confident that 2024 is going to be a huge year of growth for me for so many different reasons. I am working on so many different projects right now that are really exciting and I am over the moon about them."

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