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NCIS: Hawaii Star Vanessa Lachey Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "Mahalo"

She’s raising awareness for Maui. 

NCIS: Hawaii star Vanessa Lachey is raising money and awareness for survivors of the Maui fires. Lachey, 42, shared a reel of herself wearing a "Hawaii" hat and swimsuit, asking fans and followers for help. "Mahalo GMA for dedicating your show yesterday to Maui relief. There is a word we use in Hawai'i 'Kokua', it is a word used to describe the spirit of kindness, the concept of giving generously from the heart without asking for anything in return. Rebuilding this community is going to take time and resources, if you have anything to give, please consider a donation directly to the local families. I've included a link in my bio to a running list and will continue sharing individual links on my stories over the next few weeks. Sending You Love and Aloha!" she captioned the post. Here's how Lachey balances everything in her life and makes it look easy.


Movement Every Day

Lachey tries to get some movement in every day, even outside of her workouts. "I believe ANY exercise or movement is good," she says. "Make it something you love and then you WILL do it! I work out three days a week with a trainer. I do this because I hate working out and need the motivation. He makes it fun for me. I know trainers can get expensive and not everyone wants to pay for one. I decided to cut back on other things in life financially so I can hire someone to train me. Health is extremely important to me even more so now that I have two kids I want to be around for."


Skincare Tips

Lachey has a less-is-more approach to skincare. "I believe in consistency," she says. "Once I started with the same daily routine, I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. I wash every day morning and night. I keep facial wash in my shower for easier access and so I never forget. I exfoliate every other day. And I use a light moisturizer during the day and a heavier one at night. I get facials from my friend Candice Miele in Beverly Hills as regularly as I can, but I have never done any serious treatments. Clean skin you take care of will last a while."


Sunblock Every Day

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Lachey spends a lot of time outside and makes sure to protect her skin. "For my face every day I use a product we use on set called EltaMD, and I even put it on my kids," she says. "I find that that offers a lot of sun protection, but it's also moisturizing and doesn't break out my skin. So, that's one that I love from for me and for my kids and for Nick. You know it gets to him to as well because we wear it every day. Everyone, everywhere should put a little sun block on every day during your morning routine. I know you don't think that, especially people who don't live in tropical places, but you know there are UV rays everywhere."


Lymphatic Massages


Self-care is very important for Lachey. "Lymphatic massages are something I want to incorporate more into my life for self-care," she says. "I got my very first lymphatic massage this year when I came to LA. I haven't done one in Hawaii yet, but it was my very first one. For me, it's like I need to be better and stop thinking that self-care is selfish. Getting a massage is nice, but this one is, I don't want to say medicinal, but it's draining your lymph nodes. It helps eliminate buildup in your body and it starts from down at your feet, and the massage therapist works her way up and then starts at your head to work your way down towards the central flow of your body. It helps with swelling and circulation. There are so many benefits."


Walking Everywhere

Lachey walks as much as she can to stay active. "I'm not as steady with it as I would like to be, but what I try to do is anytime I can find a way to be active, as opposed to not, I do," she says. "You can walk here somewhere as opposed to drive. Even on set, they're like you can walk to the location or you can drive if it's not hot and I'll choose to walk. Just having three kids also keeps me active, but I should be more active— I'm starting to notice the changes of being in my 40s."

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