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NCIS Star Lauren Holly Shares Swimsuit Photo as "Solidarity Continues"

“Sleep. Laugh. Love.”

Actress Lauren Holly is showing support for the WGA and SAG-AFTRA members via her social media posts. Holly, 59, shared a picture of herself posing on a boat in a black swimsuit and hat with the words "Make Residuals Great Again" written on it. "Summer ends but solidarity continues… Handmade hats by human @claytonfarris – proceeds go to @alifeinthearts to support #wga and #sagaftra," she captioned the post. Here's what her health and fitness routine looks like.


Workout Schedule

Holly's workout schedule varies between yoga and cardio. "I'm a high-energy person, I don't like to sit still that much," she says. "I keep a fairly consistent workout schedule. In a good week I take two Bikram yoga classes and have two days to run. I also do sit-ups, push-ups, and maybe trampoline for fun.


Dance Training


Holly had to learn to dance for her role in Tiny Pretty Things. "Dancing is so much harder than people would think—I can't stress it enough," she says. "I always considered myself an athlete, so going into this I thought I would be able to figure it out, but I came nowhere close! The training these dancers go through to simply make themselves look graceful is an incredible thing. For my role, I worked with our main choreographer Jennifer Nichols to perfect my walk, my posture and more. It's interesting because she would videotape me through the whole process and it was cool to see the changes. It's not like I was learning big, dramatic movements, but I had to do the finer things like learn to walk and move like a dancer."


Food Philosophy


Holly's dance training gave her a new perspective on beauty. "Being healthy is how dancers avoid injury," she says. "They take care of themselves, they eat really well and they treat food as fuel. What we put into our bodies and how we treat our bodies is so important. Eating right, staying hydrated and moving your body every day is essential for self-care. I don't follow a specific diet because whenever I've tried them, I always cheat. It's too much pressure. One thing that I try to do is I try to eat things that don't come out of boxes, bags or cans. Fresh food is the best."


Toronto Life

Holly loves living in Toronto. "To be honest, I was living in Los Angeles and I was on NCIS, and I did not want to raise the boys in L.A. I picked Toronto kind of by a fluke, because I grew up in upstate New York about two hours away," she says. "I have family there, and I thought, okay, it's close to my family and it's a city where lots happens."


Skincare Routine

Holly felt spoiled on set when it came to skincare pampering. "On set, we had such a great hair and makeup team," she says. "At the end of the day, when we would take off all of our makeup, they would prepare hot towels and my makeup artist had all these wonderful concoctions, like oils and creams, to lather on my face for my ride home. It was a total pamper session! I'm also huge on keeping my face clean. I don't think there's ever been a night I had gone to bed with my makeup on, even when I was young and out drinking. My mother used to drill that into me, too. Keeping your skin super hydrated and clean is what you need to do."

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