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Nelly Korda In Workout Gear Shares Training Routine From Prague

Here are her golf tips.

Professional golfer Nelly Korda is showing fans what her training looks like while she's in Prague. Korda, 25, shared a video of herself wearing a variety of workout gear, lifting heavy weights at the gym under the eye of her trainer. "Snippets of the past two weeks in 🇨🇿 training @vistaresortprague with the best 🤩," she captioned the post. Korda is a force to be reckoned with on the court and off—here's how she stays fit and focused.


Pre-Round Warm Up Routine

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Korda's pre-round warm up is all about loosening up her muscles well before it's time to play. It's more that I'm working on my strike out there. It's about finding my timing," she told Golf Monthly. "I typically start about an hour and five minutes before my tee time. I want to make sure my body and muscles are loose. I start off with pitch shots on the range and then I work my way all the way up through my bag."


Sushi and Pizza

Korda loves seafood, and saves pizza for when she's in the mood to indulge. She especially loves cuisines that have plenty of vegetables and healthy fats. "[My favorite food is] sushi, any Mediterranean food, Greek food," she told "I don't really eat pizza too much but that's probably a cheat food for me that I really like."


Advice For Golfers


Korda has good advice for recreational golfers wanting to know how to best prepare for a round. "I would say go to the course with a routine," she told Golf Monthly. "I feel like people get really messed up with trying a bunch of different things. If you're consistent and you have a routine and you stick to that every day you play, you won't get better right away, but eventually over time you're going to get better. You can't make changes and expect to see a result right away. It's all about consistency."


Playing With her Sister

Korda grew up playing golf with sister Jessica Korda. "We used to play Future Collegians World Tour events back in the day and she won her division and I won my division," she told  "And that was the first time we won the same event."


Golf Drills

Korda has specific drills she never misses. "On the putting green I do a drill because your eye-line and eyesight change every single day," she told Golf Monthly. "You may see the ball and your line differently every single day, so doing a line drill is really important as you start your putting. Try it for five minutes to make sure you dial in your alignment. Once you do that, then you work on your distance."

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