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Miss Universe Contestants in Bathing Suits Stun in Israel

These ladies received high marks from the judges.

It's time for the 2021 Miss Universe pageant! That means incredible evening gowns, pageant answers, and impressive swimsuits, this year in Eilat, Israel. The swimsuit competition is one of the most important part of every pageant, including Miss Universe. These ladies looked incredible in their swimsuits during a dress rehearsal, and must have received high marks at the competition. Read on to see 10 different looks—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Miss Australia, Daria Varlamova

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images

Miss Australia, Daria Varlamova, went bold with her bathing suit. She chose a bright pink swimsuit, with a leopard print cover-up, which looked incredible with her blonde hair and pale skin. Varlamova is currently a MBA student, and is studying psychotherapy. 


Miss USA, Elle Smith

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images

Miss USA, Elle Smith, originally from Kentucky, went with a black bathing suit with large buttons and accents. Smith received her degree in political science from the Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy, and is currently a journalist. 


Miss Sweden, Moa Sandburg

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images

Miss Sweden, Moa Sandburg, went for a unique swimsuit for the competition. Sandburg wore a one-piece, black, sleeveless swimsuit, to complement her dark hair and pale skin. She is currently learning sign language, and is working towards owning her own hostel in Asia.


Miss Spain, Sarah Loinaz

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images

Miss Spain, Sarah Loinaz, went with a dark pink bathing suit with a large buckle on the bottom. The color looked incredible with her skin tone and black hair. Loinaz is passionate about marine life, and educates people about ocean pollution in Spain. 


Miss South Africa, Lalela Mswane

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images

Miss South Africa, Lalela Mswane, wore a white bathing suit with gold buttons, and had her hair up in a high ponytail. Mswane is an accomplished dancer, having trained in ballet and flamenco. She is also working towards helping South Africa's unemployment rates.  


Miss Canada, Tamara Jemuovic

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images

Miss Canada, Tamara Jemuovic, went with a black one-piece swimsuit with a buckle on the chest, kept her blonde hair wavy, and even did a twirl on stage. In addition to her pageant career, Jemuovic is a licensed real estate broker, and even founded her own cruelty-free cosmetics line. 


Miss Russia, Ralina Arabova

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images

Miss Russia, Ralina Arabova, also went with a one-piece swimsuit. Arabova's swimsuit was dark pink with a large buckle, and she kept her dark hair straight. Arabova currently attended two different universities, studies advertising, law, and public relations, and is on her school's standup comedy team. 


Miss Cameroon, Akoma Minkata

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images

Miss Cameroon, Akoma Minkata, went with a white bathing suit with gold buttons. She wore her hair in a low ponytail, and added hoop earrings to her look. Minkata is passionate about several causes, and works with both Smile Train, and the Roger Milla Foundation. 


Miss Turkey, Cemrenaz Turhan

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images

Miss Turkey, Cemrenaz Turhan, wore a dark pink bathing suit with silver accents, and had her bellybutton ring showing. 


Miss Bolivia, Nahemi Uequin

Menahem Kahana/Getty Images

Miss Bolivia, Nehemi Uequin, wore a white bathing suit with a large buckle, and showed off her impressive abs. In addition, Antelo works to raise awareness about the femicide in Bolivia, and experienced a lot of cyber bullying while competing in her national pageant.  


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