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Addison Rae "Crushing It" During Dogpound Workout 

Here is everything she does to stay in shape.

Addison Rae's He's All That is currently one of the most streamed movies on Netflix. However, the TikTok sensation isn't taking the week off to celebrate. Instead, she opted to star in a workout video, courtesy of The Dogpound. In it, the 20-year-old and a pal majorly crush an intense workout session with founder and CEO of the celeb-loved gym, Kirk Meyers. And, after you watch it you will understand how she keeps her abs toned to the max. Read on to learn all about Addison Rae's workout and see the photos that prove it works—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


Cable Glute Kickback


Addison starts the video executing a cable glute kickback. The move majorly targets the glutes, helping keep her glute muscles, the largest and strongest muscles in the human body, in perfect shape. 


Battle Ropes


Next up? Battle ropes. The simple but intense move works multiple muscles at once, including the upper back, arms, abs, back, and glutes.


Jumping Jack Slams


Jumping jack slams are a much more intense version of the traditional jumping jack, but Addison makes them look easy. The move targets the shoulders but also works ​​the abs, abductors, calves, hamstrings, forearms, quads and triceps. 


Ankle Weight Kickbacks


Starting on all fours, Addison did a series of kickbacks, with ankle weights adding extra resistance. She followed it up adding a pulse and then circles with her weighted leg. These types of moves are very effective in building up the glutes. 


She Also Likes These Workouts

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

In addition to strength and weight training Addison stays in shape via kickboxing, dance, skateboarding, surfing, kayaking, and hiking. She regularly shares photos highlighting her active lifestyle on social media. You can watch the entire Dogpound video right here:

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