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AJ Odudu in Bathing Suit Shows Off Six-Pack At The Beach

The presenter wore a red bathing suit on Instagram.

British TV presenter AJ Odudu took a trip to Halong Bay in Vietnam, and she made sure to show off her impressive figure while she was there. Odudu posted a new photo on Instagram of herself posing in a red bathing suit in a beachside cabana. Her incredible body, mainly an impressive six-pack, was on full display. She captioned the post, "Are you even abroad if you're not getting eaten by mosquitos?" Read on to see 6 ways AJ Odudu stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Dances

Odudu was recently a contestant on the popular dance competition series, Strictly Come Dancing. She was partnered with new professional dancer, Kai Widdrington, and the two of them did very well together and became fan-favorites due to their performances and chemistry. They were set to be finalists, however, Odudu suffered an injury prior to the final show, causing them to heartbreakingly withdraw. 


She Balances Her Workouts

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Odudu tells New Magazine that she believes in balance when it comes to exercise. She says that she tries not to overdo it or do too little with each session. "This means not overdoing it one day and feeling stiff the next. Also, making sure you enjoy exercise is key."


She Believes In Moderation

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Odudu doesn't just believe in balance when it comes to fitness, but also when it comes to her diet. She tells that she believes in moderation, saying, "Everything in moderation. I eat healthy and nutritional food but I also indulge."


She Plans Her Workouts Each Week

With Odudu's busy schedule, it can be difficult to squeeze in a workout each day. However, she says to that one of her secrets is planning her workouts for the week. She explains, "I make a plan on a Sunday evening in my diary, jotting down how many times I want to exercise and when exactly I can squeeze in those workouts and I tick them off as I go." 


She Doesn't Beat Herself Up

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Odudu tells that if she misses a workout, she doesn't let it get to her. "Making exercise part of my daily routine is really helpful when managing limited time and naturally, plans change so I never feel too guilty if I can't cram it all in. I just give myself a pat on the back for the routines that I have managed to do."


She Uses A Fitness App

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Odudu is a runner, and has even participated in a few marathons. She tells that using fitness apps is one of the ways that she is able to keep running for a long period. "I've never ran a marathon but I regularly run 10K and have done one half marathon. When you do get running, use an app on your phone to monitor the specific distance and time for you. I love these apps. Some even speak to you every 1K to keep you on track and congratulate you at the end of each completed run. It's a clear way to see your improvements and many of them even create a plan for you."

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