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Alessandra Ambrosio in Bathing Suit Says "Happy Wednesday"

Here’s how the supermodel stays fit.

Alessandra Ambrosio is celebrating hump day the same way as she does every other day—in her swimsuit! The Brazilian supermodel shared a few photos on Instagram via a post and also in her Instagram Stories, flaunting her hot body in swimwear. "Happy Wednesday," she captioned one of them. How does she keep herself so fit? Read on to learn about 7 of Alessandra Ambrosio's top tips to staying in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Eat in Moderation

Alessandra Ambrosio/Instagram

Alessandra refuses to starve herself. "I'm all about moderation and eating something different every day. Obviously I try not to splurge on pasta, but if I'm back in Brazil where everything is pasta- or bread-based—and so yummy—I'll eat whatever I want, then go back to lots of salads and chicken or fish with veg as soon as I'm back in L.A," she told The Edit. 


Try Pilates


Alessandra loves pilates, using the reformer and even taking classes with her girlfriends to "get in some girl time," she told Glamour. "It's important to break a sweat every day, and I love the way Pilates makes me feel long and lean."


Do Yoga

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

"I love to do yoga as it centers me and also at the same time keeps me in shape," Alessandra confessed to FOX News. Sometimes she even strikes a pose at home. "Since there is a lot to do around the house sometimes I don't have much time to work out, in which case I try to do some stretching and hold a plank for five to 10 minutes."


Exercise Daily

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

"In my family, no one ever worked out. It wasn't until I did my first Victoria's Secret show that I started exercising…now that it's a healthy, normal part of my daily routine," she told The Edit.


Stay Active

Alessandra maintains a very active lifestyle. "We love going to the beach, hanging in Malibu and playing volleyball… We like going rollerblading and biking, all kind of things!" she explained to People about her family's hobbies. 


Indulge in Treats


Alessandra eats sweets and alcohol because "whenever I start to diet, everything goes downhill," she told The Edit. "So if I want a little bite of dark chocolate on a plane or a cocktail with friends on the weekend, I'll have it. In fact, I'll drink a glass of red wine with dinner most nights, and two or three times a week I'll have a cup of tea and a cupcake with Anja, who's as obsessed with red velvet as I am."


Do Strength Training

Amy Sussman/WireImage

Alessandra is also into strength training, recently sharing her routine via an Instagram video. In it, she lifts weights, does intense interval moves (including mountain climbers and kettlebell squats) and ab exercises.

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