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Alexandra Daddario Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Beach Hair"

Here are 5 of her top health habits. 

Beach hair, don't care! In one of her latest social media posts, White Lotus beauty Alexandra Daddario shows off her famous figure in a bathing suit during a day on the shoreline. "Beach hair," she captioned the Instagram photo, showing off her messy locks and looking naturally gorgeous. How does the actress prioritize her health and wellness? Here are 5 of her top health habits. 


She Does Yoga

Alexandra is a devoted yogi. "Free your hips and your mind will follow," she captioned a recent clip of her flow session. Why should you do yoga? "Researchers found that people who practiced yoga for at least 30 minutes once a week for at least four years, gained less weight during middle adulthood," Harvard Health says. "People who were overweight actually lost weight. Overall, those who practiced yoga had lower body mass indexes (BMIs) compared with those who did not practice yoga. Researchers attributed this to mindfulness. Mindful eating can lead to a more positive relationship with food and eating."


She Gets Acupuncture Treatments

Alexandra was introduced to acupuncture at the age of 23, when she was suffering from a frozen shoulder. She swears by the Chinese medicine practice, claiming that it helps with sleep and stress levels. "I'm obsessed. I've had the needles everywhere—all over my body," she told Women's Health. "New place-not going to move again for at least a month," she captioned a recent post of herself during a session. 


She Skis

Alexandra loves hitting the slopes. Research has linked downhill skiing to a number of health benefits. In addition to promoting physical fitness, it may decrease risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Studies have also found that the more frequently a person skis, prevalence of known hypercholesterolemia, systemic hypertension, diabetes, the frequency of mental stress and the occurrence of memory deficits declines. 


She Exercises Outside

Alexandra makes sure to go on lots of adventures. "Take a vacation from your problems," she captioned a post. She loves exploring new places, going on hikes and long walks. "I've found that my body heals faster and responds better if I'm in tune with myself and can be in nature," she told Women's Health.


Her Diet Is Simple and Healthy

Alexandra has a healthy approach to diet, starting her day with a cappuccino with almond or oat milk and yogurt and fruit or egg whites with spinach and toast. For lunch she eats a turkey sandwich with cheese, mustard, and mayo, and dinner is usually a bowl of pasta with veggies and olive oil. 

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