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Animal Control's Grace Palmer Shares Rare Swimsuit Photo

She’s always on the move. 

Actress Grace Palmer is living her best life on vacation in beautiful Praia da Falésia, Albufeira, Portugal. Animal Control star Palmer, 28, shared pictures of herself wearing a blue bikini and brown hat on the beach, posing on the sand against a background of gorgeous blue water. "I ain't leavin'," she captioned the post (and who can blame her!). How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Palmer stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Early Workouts

Palmer tries to work out first thing in the morning. "I'm useless in the mornings, but I try to get up early (by early I mean 8) for a workout before I'm into Skype meetings for most of the day," she says. "I'm a keen cook (and spend much of my life fantasizing about my next meal) so I allow an hour or so to make dinner. In the evenings I'll watch telly or play a bit of guitar and/or piano – that's usually short-lived cause my bubble doesn't enjoy my singing as much as I do."


She Loves Being Active

Palmer doesn't need motivation to get into her workouts. "I'm one of those weird people who loves working out," she says. "Exercise makes me feel a million bucks, and I've found some awesome at-home training apps. I don't have much trouble switching off… in fact, that might be my problem haha. I'm a professional napper."


Health is Wealth


Palmer craves consistency in her day-to-day life, and needs to move her body. "Health is wealth," she says. "And not just physical, but mental, emotional, and social health too. I spent my early 20s totally taking my health for granted, and now more than ever, I can truly appreciate what it means to be healthy. It's invaluable… My life is most consistent when I'm writing, as I'm usually on a deadline, but generally speaking — my job(s) take me to different places with different people. One thing I'll always find time for is exercise. I go a bit loopy if I don't move my body." 


Mental Health Support


Palmer has learned to love and appreciate herself over the years. "The best piece of advice I ever received as a teen was to love my body," she says. "Not just what it looks like, but what it's capable of, and where it will take me. Chatting with my best mates does wonders for my mental health. Everyone deserves friends who love you unconditionally, help you to see the world from a fresh perspective and who make you laugh until your ribs hurt."  


Beauty Hacks

Palmer's beauty hacks are all about loving herself. "I think good skin is all about good food, exercise, sun and a smile," she says. "When I get a chance to treat myself, it's with a good massage. I don't get them often, but when I do, I go all out – 90 minutes, full body. My beauty philosophy is that you've got to love the skin you're in.  My quick beauty fix is 10 minutes in the sun – not long enough to get burned, but you'll feel warm and more positive."


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