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Ashley Benson Shows Off Fit Figure in Crop Top 

Here’s how the 31-year-old keeps herself fit.

Ashley Benson is showing off her athletic side. In a series of new photos shared to her Instagram account, the 31-year-old actress flaunts her fit figure — including her rock hard abs — in a crop top and bike shorts from Alo. How does the former Pretty Little Liars star maintain her fab physique? Read on to see 5 ways Ashley Benson stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Mixes Up Her Workouts

Ashley switches up her workouts throughout the week. "I usually do Pilates three days a week for an hour, and I try to box or do SoulCycle two or three times a week," she told Health. "There are times I just want to do nothing! But then I don't feel good about myself."


She Loves Squats

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Her favorite workout move? "Probably squats—and not for my butt but for my legs," she told Health. "We usually do circuit training, so I'll do 25 squats, then I'll run back and forth, and then I'll do lunges to the other side of the gym both ways, run, then squats. I can't move for days!" 


She Prioritizes Sleep

Ashley makes sure to get enough rest, even if she has to take a break during the day. "I try to take an hour nap. If I don't get sleep, I found that I get really bad anxiety. I started getting panic attacks for two years straight," she told Health.


She Maintains a Balanced Diet


Ashley explained to Delish that her diet is healthy but not extreme. An average day consists of a hard-boiled egg with iced coffee and a splash of half and half for breakfast, a salad (or cheeseburger!) for lunch and fish if she is "trying to be healthy" for dinner. "Otherwise, probably a cheeseburger."


She Puts Her Mental Health First

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"I've kind of taken a step back from social media," Ashley told Elle. "I don't want to spend my life on Instagram. I think it was necessary when I was on the show and now that I'm getting into new projects, but I feel like as I'm getting older I don't want people to see everything I'm doing all the time. I think it's very important to keep your private life private. Just let the fans see my work and then I can have my own personal life."


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