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Ashley Judd Finally Walks Again After Congo Accident

The actress reveals that she has come a long way and is back on her feet.

Ashley Judd is back on her feet and walking again after her debilitating accident in the Congo. In a new Instagram post the actress and activist gave fans a health update, revealing that she is finally healing nearly six months after she shattered her leg in four places.

"Dear Friends, It is with reverence and quiet awe I offer this update," the 53-year-old wrote in the post, alongside a video of herself hiking in the Swiss National Park. "Today, five months and three weeks after the accident in the Congolese rainforest, I walked again, and in what fashion!"

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She revealed that she is finally starting to feel like herself again. "Stepping in, I felt in my ease, my natural garment of self, at home in my spirit. My leg and foot, worked beautifully. I walked up hill on uneven surfaces for an hour confidently and came down carefully and easily. I rested in a meadow on God's fecund earth for hours. The next day, I walked again on a high Alp in #Ticino, working hard and feeling how much I stamina I have to rebuild. This is the road ahead. But I am up to the daily tasks, as I am even carrying firewood into our Alpine hut!"

She went on to thank her medical team, who helped her recover, explaining that her doctors didn't expect her to be able to move her foot again "if ever" for at least a year. "In four months to the day, she blew us all away. Now, after crying while trying to spell the ABCs with a paralyzed foot….well, you see!"

Judd did reveal that she won't fully recover from the accident. "My leg will never be the same. She is a new leg. And I love her. We are buddies. We have a come a long way and we have a fabulous life ahead," she said.

"From an eight hour surgery (thank you Dr Nathan Belt, with your #UK scrubs for the safe anesthesia) to grueling and compassionate physical therapy with @kim.oneil5, to osteopathy while managing – yes, unbelievably – some @acroyoga (that picture was even before I could walk) with @almuthkramer, I have been loved and understood and helped in my healing. Just look at the last video for comparison, that was where I was just two months ago (always trying to be in nature) when I could barely walk!"

She closed out the post by thanking her fans for praying for her and sending notes. "Thank you. I have felt you. I especially have been held by family and my partner. Peace be with you."

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