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Avril Lavigne Looks Ageless From Malibu

Here’s how the singer stays healthy. 

Avril Lavigne is enjoying her summer in Malibu. On Tuesday, the popstar shared a gallery of snaps, giving her followers a rare glimpse of her bikini body. "Summer in Malibu," she captioned the series of herself rocking a bright green, skimpy string bikini. How does the 36-year-old maintain her fit physique and stay healthy, despite some recent struggles? Read on to see 5 ways Avril Lavigne prioritizes health and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Eats the Same Thing for Every Meal

During her Nylon interview, which took place over the pandemic, she revealed that she was quarantining with a few pals. "Instead of cooking three meals a day, we cook just one big meal and eat it all day long," she says. Among Lavigne's go-to meals are roasted chicken with vegetables, slow-cooker chili, and truffle pasta. "I don't bake," she deadpans.


She Battled Lyme Disease

Alison Buck/WireImage

Avril battled Lyme disease and even penned a song about it. "I was in bed for… two years," she told Billboard, adding that it felt like she was being "gaslighted" and "trapped" by her body. However, she notes that "silver lining of it" — which involved making her way back to health after years of incapacitation and physical therapy and powerful drugs, is that it gave her a much-needed break from her busy life. 


She Drinks Water with Electrolytes


During her interview with Billboard and one with Nylon, the singer sipped on water infused with electrolytes. "The purpose of rehydrating — whether with water or electrolyte-containing beverages — is to pull fluid back into our system so our organs can function properly.

How much to drink and when is dependent on each individual. The general rule of thumb at this point among physicians is to drink to thirst. Although there are guidelines for hydration before, during, and after exercise, look and listen to your body as the best indicator when you need hydration," says the Mayo Clinic.


Her Workouts Involve…Cleaning

According to Avril, she burns her calories cleaning, revealing that she is the person in the house who cleans the floors. "I like doing the floors because I think it's a form of cardio and that I'm working out," she told Nylon. Considering she is a sk8er girl, it isn't surprising that skateboarding is also one of her go-tos. 


She Doesn't Drink a Lot of Alcohol

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While she used to be more of a party girl, Avril claims that her nights are filled with tea drinking for the most part.  "I'm not drinking [alcohol] really," she told Nylon. "I'm trying to stay really healthy because I need to keep my body healthy. I've had a couple of beers, but I make a lot of spa water and drink a lot of tea and fresh green juice" 


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