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Bianca Belair in Bathing Suit is the "Reigning Champion"

Here are her top diet and fitness tips for staying in shape.

Bianca Belair is showing off her award-winning body – in a bathing suit. The WWE star flaunts her incredible figure and champion status in one of her latest social media posts. "LongEST Reigning Women's Champion of the Modern Era. 399 Days. #ESTofWWE," she captioned the Instagram post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 of Bianca Belair's top diet and fitness tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work.



Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

Bianca is a bulimia survivor, developing the condition while running track in high school. "I actually had a very unhealthy relationship with food," she told Women's Health. "I was very obsessive. Food was actually my enemy. I wasn't using it to fuel my body." Now, she does her best to avoid diets and restrictions. "I feel like every woman has this moment where they have to figure out what works for them. For me, I don't do diets because I find myself becoming a little obsessive." She promotes "everything in moderation," she added. "I don't believe in overindulging or in depriving myself of anything." 


Adapt Your Food to Your Workouts

Bianca's food intake relies on her exercise routine. She focuses on consuming the perfect ratio of protein, carbs, and fat depending on her activity level. "I've had to learn that food is not my enemy. I work out once or twice a day and I'm lifting super heavy weights. I need fuel to keep going," she told WH. 


Eat Breakfast


Bianca fuels up in the AM. "I'm not a morning person," she confessed to WH. "But it doesn't matter if I wake up at seven, eight, or noon, I'm still having breakfast food first thing when I wake up." She makes sure to eat food in the morning that will provide energy. "Breakfast is when I try to focus on getting lots of protein in," she said. "I might do a piece of cinnamon toast to get some carbs in there. I'm also a big coffee drinker, since I'm not a morning person it helps me wake up." Protein smoothies, protein pancakes, and boiled eggs are other go-to meals. 


Time Your Meals with Your Workouts

Bianca times her meals with her workouts. She eats lunch an hour before exercising. "I give myself time because I don't like working out on a full stomach," she told WH. "I usually try to get something pretty quick, like a pre-packaged salad, so I can just open it up and eat a salad for lunch." Then, she eats dinner post nighttime workout. "I also work out late at night pretty often, and so after I'm doing high intensity cardio, lifting really heavy weights, and using up a lot of energy, I try to eat lean meats," she added.


Do Strength Training

Bianca pumps iron. "My training is basically strength training" Biana told Muscle & Fitness. "I do agility training. I do a lot of CrossFit-type of stuff and we have a great coach at the Performance Center, Sean Hayes, who does all types of powerlifting and just general strength."

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