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Billi Mucklow in Bathing Suit Says "Te Amo"

Here is how the newlywed stays fit. 

Newlywed Billi Mucklow is enjoying her honeymoon in her swimsuit. The TOWIE star, who recently tied the knot with Andy Carroll, flaunts her famous figure in a swimsuit via her latest social media post. "Te Amo," she captioned the Instagram snap of herself and her new husband. How does the Brit beauty maintain her fit figure? Read on to see 5 ways Billi Mucklow stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Her Husband Motivates Her

Billi maintains that her husband motivates her to stay in shape with tough love. "[Andy] doesn't take much notice, he just says to me when I moan: 'Ah, am I fat?' He's like: 'If you don't like something, do something about it.' He's good in that way because obviously he trains every day of his life, his body's amazing. So if I moan and complain he's just like: 'Get up the gym, do yoga, do something about it'. So he won't suffer moaning. He does all that making me [feel] nice but.. When you don't look nice but he says you do; [Then] I say: 'No but tell me the truth' and he says: 'Yeah but if I tell you the truth you have a go at me!'" she revealed to Daily Mail.  


She Started Working Out Again After Having a Baby

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Billi was determined to get back in shape after having a baby. "I've been doing it through a combination of eating healthily and exercising. I had to have a cesarean, so wasn't able to do anything for six weeks after giving birth while I healed. Once I was given the all clear, I started working with a personal trainer who specialises in post-partum training – I work out with her two to three times a week," she told the Daily Star. "I've always been a really fit and active person so I found it really frustrating going back to the gym and realising that I couldn't even do one sit up! My trainer explained that it would take time to get my muscles back and gradually over time I've been able to regain my fitness."


She Is a Devoted Yogi

Billi is a devoted yogi. She happens to be certified in Bikram yoga and even opened her own studio in Essex, Hot Yoga Essex. According to the studio's website, Billi started doing yoga after attending Bikram classes with her dad. "She fell in love almost instantly. It provided her with the complete, thorough workout and feeling of wellbeing that she had never experienced before. In fact, Billi was so taken by it that she began to attend classes almost every day for the next two years.  After a while it became clear to Billi that she didn't want yoga to be just a hobby, but she felt it was something she would like to make a career out of, so that she could share with others the benefits Bikram had brought to her– both mentally and physically," it says. 


She Goes On Stroller Runs

Billi doesn't use motherhood as an excuse to hit the pavement. "Let's Run Baby….. We're Getting Wedding Ready!" she captioned a photo from one of her workouts. "I love to take Marvel out everyday with me but need to be running and this buggy is so light and great for the outdoors roads/ fields," she added about her Cybex stroller. 


She Counts Calories


Billi maintains a healthy diet. When she wants to lose weight she cuts calories. "I've been sticking to a calorie-controlled diet since having Arlo and over past couple of months I've also been taking Skinny Sprinkles to help shift those last stubborn pounds," she told Daily Star. 

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