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Billie Lourd in Bathing Suit Praises Her "Forever Valentine"

Here’s how she stays fit.

Billie Lourd, the star of American Horror Story and Scream Queens, shared a loving Valentine's Day tribute with her man, posting photos of herself and fellow actor and producer Austen Rydell. "My FoReVeR VaLeNtiNe @avstenrydell #DIDF ❤️ I GET MORE AND MORE OBSESSED WITH YOU EVERY DAY CANT STOP WONT STOP," she captioned a series of photos, including them on a boat, in a temple and on vacation. How does Lourd, so great in Booksmart, stay so fit while keeping so busy? Read on to see 5 ways Billie Lourd stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Starts Her Day Right

"My ideal food day would probably start with breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants – Gjusta. I am passionately obsessed with their egg sandwich – it has pretty much all of my favorite foods on one beautiful English muffin – collard greens, bacon, avocado, hot sauce and a fried egg. How could you not start your day with that?!" she told the New Potato. She also loves chicken and sushi. These kinds of proteins are great, especially when accompanied by fiber. A high-fiber, high-protein breakfast may be the most important investment you can make in your waistline. That's the finding of a study from the University of Missouri in Columbia, which found that eating breakfast triggered women's brains to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical that helps to control impulses.


She Doesn't Count Calories

Billie Lourd/Instagram

"I'm definitely not a believer in counting calories in any way shape or form. I've always loved food and have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of a diet. Food is life!" she told the New Potato. Good call. Way more important than counting calories is eating the right mix of nourishing foods. To balance out your meals, add in lean proteins (think chicken and fish) and healthy fats (like guacamole or flaxseed oil), with fiber, which will help to heal your body and keep you satiated.


She Does Yoga and Runs

David Livingston/Getty Images

"So to make sure I can eat the way I do (aggressively), I have to balance it out with at least a litttttle exercise. I love doing yoga and for any of you 80's fans out there, I'm not ashamed to say I do 8 minute abs at least twice a week (don't judge me, I love the weird music and the guy's encouraging 80's trainer voice). I also take my French bulldog Tina on a solid run around my neighborhood every morning that I can," she told the New Potato.


Her Dog Improves Her Mood and Makes Her Healthier

Kurt Krieger/Corbis via Getty Images

"Researchers have also shown that dog owners are more active than those who don't own dogs, packing in more steps per day on their walks or just regular playtime. Last month, a study showed that older dog owners take 2,760 more steps per day on average compared to non-owners, which amounted to an additional 23 daily minutes of moderate exercise. And a new study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health shows how enduring that phenomenon is: dog owners are also significantly more active during the winter," reports Time.


She is Evolving in Her Own Way

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The death of her mother Carrie Fisher and grandmother Debbie Reynolds—Hollywood royalty both—led Lourd to consider her own place in the world.  "I've always kind of lived in their shadows, and now is the first time in my life when I get to own my life and stand on my own," she told Teen Vogue. "I love being my mother's daughter, and it's something I always will be, but now I get to be just Billie." She added, "It's a lot of pressure, because she had such an incredible legacy, and now I have to uphold that and make it evolve in my own way."

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