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Brielle Biermann in Bathing Suit Says "Let's Sail Away" From Beach

The reality star enjoyed a day at the beach.

Model and reality star Brielle Biermann recently enjoyed a day at the beach, and has the photos to prove it. Biermann posted a black and white photo of herself in a bikini enjoying the ocean's waves. She captioned the photo "Let's sail away." Read on to see four ways Brielle Biermann stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Believes in Moderation

Biermann isn't afraid to admit that she's a fan of junk food and doesn't want to give it up. She told People that she still enjoys her favorite unhealthy foods, but she does so in moderation. "Every day I have to have a cheeseburger or chicken tenders at some point throughout my day, and if I don't have a little something sweet — whether it's a peanut butter cup, a small brownie or anything chocolate — after dinner, I don't feel like I ate," she says. "I love to eat, and I eat anything and everything I want, just in moderation. I honestly can't stick to a diet to save my life."


She's A Fan of Spin Classes

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Biermann told People that she aims to work out "three times a week", and it usually depends on her schedule. Biermann also says that she has a favorite activity to do at the gym. "I love spin class. I'm addicted to it."


She Went On An All-Liquid Diet


In July, Biermann revealed that she went through jaw surgery to correct TMJ and an overbite. This led to the model not being able to eat much, which meant she had to enjoy an all liquid diet. She revealed to that she's been consuming "soups, smoothies, and blended ravioli."


She Pushes Herself

Biermann admits that she has her insecurities about her body, but that she works hard and pushes herself to stay healthy and in shape. "My weight fluctuates a lot so I'm trying really hard to get better at eating right, going to the gym and taking care of myself," she said in an Instagram caption."I've always been insecure about my body, I think most women are! Push yourself. Set a goal and work towards it."


She Only Eats In A Specific Time Period

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In a 2020 Instagram Q&A, Biermann revealed that she has a specific schedule when it comes to her eating. She said,  "I only eat between 3-8 every day!" Biermann is one of many stars who admits to only eating during a certain time of day, or practicing intermittent fasting. According to a study done by Rafael De Cabo, PH.D, and Mark P. Mattson, PH.D, shows that intermittent fasting has several benefits. "Repeated exposure to fasting periods results in lasting adaptive responses that confer resistance to subsequent challenges," the authors explain.


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