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Britney Spears in Bathing Suit Top and Other Star Snaps From Weekend

Here’s how the celebs stay so fit.

This weekend, the celebrities went to Turks and Caicos, worked out, wished pals Happy Birthday, and enjoyed a vacation after a hit TV show—and all in their bathing suits. How do they keep so fit while staying so busy? Read on to see all the ways Britney Spears, Rita Ora, Hailey Bieber, Sarah Hyland and more stay in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


Britney Spears

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Said Britney on Instagram: "Yellow hello 💛 !!!! So the gym in Maui 🏝 was beautiful and working out is way better in Maui especially when you can squeeze in 'Hips Don't Lie' movements outside by the fountain ⛲️🌹💋🌹 !!!! Pssss had to do the hula dance !!!" She captioned her workout video. And another: "So I was a little too excited for my trip to Maui 🏝 !!!! I might have over done it a bit 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ …. I mean I was extremely excited to be there !!!! Here's me at the gym 💪🏼 doing an intense workout … I'm sweating A LOT 💦 !!!! Honestly after being that sick before I have the need to survive in a different way !!!! Being present in the utmost way ✨!!!!! Pushing it just a TOUCH does wonders in my opinion…God speed … God speed."


Rita Ora

Rita Ora / Instagram

Rita Ora has been busy as a panelist on the Masked Singer UK but somehow, she had time to wish us all a "Happy Sunday" in a swimsuit, shielding the sun from her eyes while lying down on a lounge. She once revealed to Shape that she refuses to starve herself. "I used to be like, 'I'm not eating!' Eating isn't the problem, though. It's about what your body needs, and everyone's body is different,"


Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber/Instagram

Hailey Bieber celebrated her friend's birthday—in her swimsuit! The supermodel wife of Justin Bieber shared a photo honoring her friend, professional surfer Kelia Moniz, on her special day (she turned 29).  Hailey does hardcore strength and weight training workouts at The Dogpound. Earlier this year the studio shared a video of one of her workouts, which included a sled pull, pull-ups, kettlebell squats, plank pikes, landmine squats, and mountain climbers. 


Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland / Instagram

Sarah Hyland is on Team Bride! On Saturday, the loyal friend and Modern Family star shared a 2019 photo from pal Kimberly Daugherty's bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas—in which Hyland wears a "Team Bride" swimsuit and walks on the beach with the wedding party. Why repost? To celebrate Daugherty's birthday. "Happy birthday to my Aquarius queen!" she captioned the black and white pic. "I love to be STRONG. (I'll be using that word a lot) Strength is everything. Being strong has gotten me where I am. Both mentally and physically. I am not a fan of 'being skinny,'" she wrote on Twitter.


Sophie Nélisse

One look at Nélisse's Instagram, and you will notice that she loves to get outside and does a lot of outdoor exercises. One activity she likes to do is ride horses. The Yellowjackets star posted this series of photos from a trip she took to South Dakota, which featured herself and her friends riding through the wilderness, and herself posing with her horse. She adorably captioned the post, "​​His name is Trigger. We are very good friends now."


Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram

Hudgens has been in the industry since she was a teenager, and she's said that this has caused her to evolve as a person. "I feel like I've lived many, many lives just because I've been in this industry for so long," she said in her Glamour interview. "I had big dreams and was so excited and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed." Hudgens adds that the global pandemic has also caused her to reflect and grow as a person. 



Ashanti is in Turks and Caicos, the go-to spot for celebs this winter. And she's feeling introspective, posting photos of her pondering life on a crystal clear paddleboat on even clearer waters. "2022 definitely didn't start out the way I thought it would… or the way I wanted it to… but everything happens for a reason… #Grateful #Still looking forward to an Amazing Historic Year."

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