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Brooke Burke in Bikini Celebrates Engagement in Italy

The model and TV host is a fan of Pilates, intermittent fasting, and working out in her living room.

Brooke Burke has done it all: Modeled for Playboy, won and hosted Dancing with the Stars, launched her own fitness platform, Brooke Burke Body, and this week got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, commercial real estate developer Scott Rigsby. Burke is known for her incredible figure, even after having four children, surviving thyroid cancer, and turning 50 this year. How does she do it? Read on to see seven ways Brooke Burke stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Does Pilates

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Burke told Shape that one of her go-to workouts is Pilates, and that she loves going to classes. "I'm also crazy about Pilates Plus, which I do three times a week," she says. "The class is 55 minutes, head to toe. In that short amount of time, I've done everything I need to do." 


She Uses The Treadmill Regularly

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Burke says that she makes sure to workout on the treadmill daily. "I get on the treadmill, put it at a 15% incline and walk at about 3.5 miles per hour," she said to Shape.


She Focuses on Workouts That Sculpt Her Body

The secret to Burke's incredible figure? Body-sculpting and toning workouts. "As a woman, I know how to work out smarter," she explained to Closer Weekly. "I know how to be efficient with my time. I think that's what you need to spend if you're target toning, [and] I really believe in body sculpting. I could go on and on and on, but movement is really important. It's important for stress. It's important for the kids." Burke told Us Weekly that she incorporates target toning into her app, Brooke Burke Body. "Let's say you don't want to work your abs this season, or you want to work your booty, or you don't even like to work out, you want to change your upper body," she said. "You can get really specific on the app and just choose what you want."


She Intermittent Fasts

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Burke told Closer Weekly that she practices intermittent fasting. She revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic was a factor in this decision, and has helped her and her family eat healthy. "We have to be more mindful and use our leftovers and take fewer trips to the market, so intermittent fasting has been great," she said.


She Gets Creative With At-Home Workouts

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when gyms were closing, Burke found unique ways to get moving at home. "My living room is the new norm," she said to People Magazine. "It's the new fitness studio. We're learning how to take care of our bodies at home with no equipment. We're just not using the excuse of time anymore because we're all in this together, connected in this new way. It's been really something to look forward [to] for me." Burke encouraged people to use furniture as workout equipment. "Use a chair," she said. "Use your sofa. Use your stairs — I'm not talking about a two-story house, you can use the steps in your apartment complex. Use water bottles as weights. Use a lounge chair mat as a yoga mat if you don't have one. There are so many fun, challenging and creative things you can do at home… You just have to say, 'OK, here we are. I'm at home right now. What can I use around my house to really take care of my body?"


She Doesn't Limit Carbs or Fat, But Still Eats Healthfully


Burke opened up about what she eats to, and revealed that she didn't limit her carbs and fats, but does stay away from certain unhealthy options. "We need fat, it's all the things that we were trained not to do that really feed our brain and our skin, our hair," she says. "I do eat a lot of fat but I am pretty conscious of what I eat, I don't eat processed food really at all."


She Sets Goals For Herself

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Burke told Shape that she decided to come up with a bucket list of things she wanted to accomplish. "Every woman should give herself an hour to dream and write down her desires," she says. "Once I started focusing on the things I wanted, they all started coming true."



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