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Brooke Shields in Bathing Suit Has "Fun in the Sun"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Brooke Shields has been a pop culture icon since the '70s, when at 12 years old, she starred in Pretty Baby. She then went on to have a successful modeling career, modeling for Calvin Klein in particular. Shields still looks amazing, as you can see from her recent Instagram post. Shields went on a vacation to Turks and Caicos with her family, and shared some highlights. In them, she enjoyed time by the water, and wore a white bathing suit. She captioned the post, "Fun in the sun." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Brooke Shieldsstays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Embraces Aging

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Shields is all about embracing her body, especially as she gets older. She opened up about this to People. "I think once you're looking at something as 'anti' [and] once you're looking at something as negating it, I think we even need to change that," she says. "I think we need to say 'You know what, I don't call these wrinkles [but] I call them laugh lines.' Yes, my body [and] my skin is different at 57 than it was in my 20s, but that's not what I'm coveting. I'm not trying to grow younger, I'm trying to grow better and more confident."


She's All About Self-Care

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Shields has a busy schedule. However, she always makes time for herself. She tells People that she is all about self-care and relaxation. Shields also says that she has learned that self-care is something that is important, rather than a selfish act. "I'm just more and more aware of what a privilege it is to be able to exercise self-care," she says. "And have it be a form of wellness rather than vanity."


She Wants To Set A Good Example

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Shields is all about being a role model. Especially for her two daughters. She tells People that she wants to show her daughters, and other young women, that they should support each other. "You're dealing with kids, these teenage girls, who [think] it's all about competition," Shields explains. "There's so much fear and there's jealousy and I don't want that to be what sets the precedent for their life. "I feel the most empowered when I'm around like-minded women and we're talking about what we're excited about in the future. That's what it means to be a woman — we celebrate one another."


She Meditates

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Shields opened up about her wellness routine during the pandemic to InStyle. She says that she struggled with her wellness at first, and that she decided to change things. Shields says that she decided to start meditating. "I signed up for a livestreaming meditation led by Deepak Chopra on Facebook. My family made fun of me, saying, 'Oh, Mom is going to get all Zen now.' When it came on, one of the questions Chopra asked was: 'What do you want for yourself, for life, and for the world?' And I thought, 'I just want the absence of fear. Because every time I start spinning out of control, it comes from fear.' So much of what we are experiencing is fear — fear of the unknown — and it's debilitating. The meditation was maybe 45 minutes long, but it felt like 10."


She Works Out At Home

Shields tells InStyle that she makes sure to work out at home. She says that she likes to use household items to help her stay in shape. "I'm thankful that I'm even capable of working out. I have a trainer who says if you're stuck at home, you have to get creative. You can do biceps with cans of tomatoes. I have these elastic bands, and if you spend 10 minutes doing squats or side steps with those, you're sweating!" 

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