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Cally Jane Beech in Bathing Suit Takes "a Cute Stroll"

Here’s how she maintains her stunning physique. 

Love Island star Cally Jane Beech is soaking up the desert sun in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Beech shared pictures of herself wearing a tiny bathing suit as she walked hand in hand with boyfriend DJ O'Neal. "A cute stroll on the beach with a side of acrobatics 😂," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Beech stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Takes Collagen Supplements

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Beech takes collagen supplements as part of her health, wellness, and beauty regimen. "As we age, the production of collagen slows and the collagen produced is less efficient – which underlies many of the changes we see with aging, such as wrinkling and sagging of the skin, joint pain, loss of height, and fractures," says Deborah Lee, MD. "The structure of collagen is organized with a complicated fiber system, with chains of amino acids arranged in fibrils, like strong ropes, to provide a tight and reliable support structure."


Hydrafacials Every Month

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Beech gets hydrafacials every month to maintain her beautiful skin. "This treatment is nice for teenagers with acne, adults with pimples, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation, and older patients with sun damage and even flaky pre-cancerous spots (as part of more serious treatments)," says Dr. Ellen Marmur, New York City-based dermatologist and founder of Marmur Metamorphosis. "Although beneficial to many skin types, those with active rashes, sunburns, or rosacea, along with pregnant patients, should abstain from this treatment." 


Sunless Tanning


Beech is a big fan of using at-home spray tans to get a golden glow. "When you expose your skin to the sun, your skin experiences damage, which leads to cellular changes that can turn malignant or cancerous," says Sarah Beer, MD. "Sunless tanners are a safer option because they tint the top layer of the skin that sloughs off in two to three weeks."


Swimming and Snorkeling

Beech loves swimming and snorkeling in the sea. "Many people say that by simply being in the water they feel more relaxed and less stressed," says swimming instructor Emily Morrissey. "Regular exercise helps reduce anxiety and depression, as it releases 'feel good' hormones and keeps our brains working in a healthy way. Learning to swim can allow you the opportunity to swim in beautiful places outdoors which many people find to be memories they cherish."


Yoga Sessions

Beech never skips her yoga sessions, even on vacation. "The purpose of yoga is to build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body," says board-certified osteopathic family physician and certified Kundalini Yoga instructor  Natalie Nevins, DO. "As an osteopathic physician, I focus a lot of my efforts on preventive medicine and practices, and in the body's ability to heal itself. Yoga is a great tool for staying healthy because it's based on similar principles."

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