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Camila Cabello Stuns on Glamour Magazine Cover

The singer stunned in a new photoshoot. 

Singer and Cinderella star Camila Cabello is Glamour Magazine's newest covergirl. Cabello posted a series of photos from the shoot on her Instagram this week. Cabello is seen wearing unique outfits, like a polka dotted baggy dress with red flowers, a floral Balenciaga coat, a purple and pink slip dress, and a stacked black and white flared dress. Cabello is also seen posing with a Dalmatian. Read on to see five ways Camila Cabello stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Takes Care of Her Mental-Health

Cabello has been in the public eye since she was 15 years old, auditioning for the American version of The X Factor. Dealing with fame at such a young age can take a toll on your mental health, however, Cabello makes sure to take care of herself. And she always puts her mental health above even her career. "If it's affecting my mental health in a negative way, I'll say no and do it another way," she told


She No Longer Is An "Anxious Eater"

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In Cabello's Glamour interview, she admitted to being an "anxious eater." "I have this pattern of eating a lot when I'm anxious or uncomfortable," she says. "It's a comfort thing for me. I'll just kind of become unconscious and zombie-eat a lot, and then I'll feel sick." However, Cabello said her boyfriend, singer Shawn Mendes, has helped her overcome this. "I've told Shawn about that. So at the VMAs party, I was like, 'I'm doing it.' And he was like, 'It's okay. You're doing it. That's okay. Let's just take a breath and not do that.' It's really good for me to be able to talk about my patterns with someone."


She Goes To Therapy

Cabello revealed to Glamour that she is in therapy, and that this has helped her deal with pressure and negativity from the public and social media. "When stuff that's negative is out there, it's going to get to you," she says. "So yeah, that's very, very challenging. I feel like it's another thing therapy has been really helpful for."


She Meditates


Cabello is a huge fan of meditation, and she has released videos for the Calm app called "Breathe Into It." Cabello says in her video, "By sharing my own journey, my hope is that we can continue to destigmatize conversations about mental health and asking for support." Cabello revealed that meditation has helped her get through some of the biggest struggles in her life. 


She Practices Self-Love

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Cabello doesn't just practice self-love for her mental health, she also thinks it helps her keep her healthy lifestyle. "When I'm having negative thoughts about my body, that's actually when I'll want to binge-eat cookies, and then I have a stomachache," she says to Glamour. "It's this weird psychology: The more I love my body, the more I actually want to take care of it…. As long as I'm healthy and working out and feel good, that's the best I can do. There's no point in trying to have another kind of body." Cabello credits her trainor, Jenna Willis, with helping her overcome her insecurities and silence the voices in her head. 


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