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Camila Recabarren in Bathing Suit is "Woooooww"

Here’s how she stays so fit.

Camila Recabarren is looking pretty hot in pink! The former Miss Chile 2012 shows off her amazing curves in a few of her latest social media post, wearing a hot pink swimsuit while posing for photos on the beach. "Woooooww," commented one of her followers. Beautiful beautiful," added another. How does the beauty queen stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Camila Recabarren stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Did an "Extreme Diet" to Lose 30 Pounds While Competing for the Crown


While competing for Miss Chile, Camila lost a whopping 30 pounds in five months, but not the healthy way. "I did an extreme diet for Miss Chile, in which one day they ate only apples, the next day only yogurt, the next day they drank only water and so on. It's the stupidest thing in the world and, in fact, if I was very skinny it's because I stopped eating. But she would faint me, I had a terrible time and I even looked bad in the photos. On the contrary, today I have ten kilos more, but I look just as regal and healthier. I'm happy," she told Soy Chile.


She Works Out

Camila loves to exercise. "I'm always doing sports and I like to mix a bit of everything: basketball, skating, gym… The longest I've been without sports has been three weeks, because I immediately feel that my body needs it," she told Soy Chile.


She Maintains a "Healthy, Balanced Diet"

Camila eats healthy. "I worry about having a healthy, balanced diet and a good piece of advice that my personal trainer gave me is to eat every three hours and, ideally, until 9 at night," she told Soy Chile. One of her tricks? "When I realize that I am already eating a lot, I stop. In that sense, I set limits with food."


She Likes Plastic Surgery

Camila isn't embarrassed to admit she has gone under the knife. "Surgery, if it is within reach of one's pocket, why not. As long as it favors you emotionally and safety, I'm for it. And although the important thing is the essence of each person and not the external, if something bothers you and you can operate on it, I don't see why not," she told Soy Chile. 


She Cheats

Camila has a few favorite cheat foods. "I love ice cream, burgers, and pizza, but especially chocolate is my guilty pleasure. I will never leave it," she told Soy Chile. "Check the label for other ingredients, like added sugar," says Jeff Csatari, author of The 14-Day No Sugar Diet, told our sister site Eat This, Not That!, which added: "Csatari elaborates that even if you get a bar that's technically dark chocolate, it could still have a significant amount of sugar (and the calories that come with it). Because sugar displaces the health-promoting cacao solids, indulging in a sugar-sweetened treat will minimize many of the health benefits you've come to learn about dark chocolate."

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