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Chanelle Hayes in Bathing Suit Posts Before And After Photos

The reality star is all about family workouts and body positivity.

Chanelle Hayes is a lot of things. She's a reality star who competed on the popular series, Big Brother. She's also a model, singer, and businesswoman. Hayes is also known for her body-positive Instagram posts, where she talks about her weight loss and health journey after having two children. Read on to see 5 ways Chanelle Hayes stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Stays Active With Her Kids

Hayes posted a photo on Instagram showing the difference between her active lifestyle and her inactive one. Hayes revealed in the caption that her active lifestyle involves doing a lot of activities with her kids. "Last weekend I took the kids trampolining, next week we are going swimming."


She Bikes


In the same photo on Instagram, Hayes says that she is also an avid biker, and she likes to bike with her son. She writes, "In the left pic, I sat sweating due to my excess body weight watching my son play football. In the right, I had just beaten him at a race of the Monsal trail, so I was sweating for the right reasons!" Hayes continues, "I wasn't in any agony after this bike ride, I was starving, but pain free. So I finished off with a nice Caesar salad and a side of "smug" from winning the race."



She Doesn't Use Filters

Hayes posted a photo on Instagram of her body looking two different ways. She revealed that she is the same weight in both photos, but used airbrushing and filters in one photo. Hayes writes that she's working to accept her body in its natural state, and isn't using filters on social media. She writes, "Although I still don't love the look of it and would like to change bits of it- I accept that it's the real me. It scares me that some of the pictures we post online are so unlike the real us, we wouldn't actually recognise each other in the street without the editing or filters. At least you know if you see a rough saggy old bird with a flat butt it's actually me and not that unrecognisable species on the left lol. Also I much prefer the Matalan basics set on the right instead of all those fiddly bits on the fancy sets."


She Doesn't Eat A Restrictive Diet

In a post on Instagram detailing her weight loss, Hayes revealed what she eats in a day. She also says that she isn't on any restrictive diets, and feels like they work better for her. She writes, "I feel satiated and full after such small amounts now I never feel like I'm missing out because that gnawing hunger of being on a diet isn't there. I have noticed that a year on I can definitely eat more than a year ago but my level of restriction differs on a day to day basis."


She Embraces Her Body

Hayes is known for being a body-positive activist, and shares posts on social media about self-love and acceptance. In one post, Hayes posed in a bikini, and encouraged her followers to embrace their bodies for what they are, and not to worry about a "bikini body." She writes, "After years of hating my body for being too big, it's now small enough that my skin looks saggy and baggy. I have four boobs because my implants are in one place and my actual skin and breast tissue are in another. I have stretch marks on practically every area of my body, cellulite is my constant companion no matter how big or small I may be at any given time. I didn't love the look of my body then and I don't love the look of my body now, but I DO love taking care of my body and the confidence that comes with being healthy. I'm never going to look like the airbrushed images of people online, but does that mean I don't have a bikini body? No. So I wanted to share my tips with you guys on how to get a "bikini body": 1. Get a body. 2. Put a bikini on it Voila! You have yourself a bikini body."

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