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Charlotte Dawson in Bathing Suit Gets Birthday Wishes From Friends

Here’s how she stays fit.

Reality star, fitness maven, and social media influencer Charlotte Dawson has never been afraid of showing off her body. Dawson is currently celebrating her birthday, and is posting a lot of wishes from her friends on her Instagram story. In one story, Dawson enjoyed a beach day with her friends. In it, Dawson and her friends posed in colorful revealing swimsuits, looking gorgeous. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Charlotte Dawson stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Does Dance Based Workouts

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Dawson opened up about her health tips to Closer Online. She says that she likes to do dance-based cardio workouts at home to stay in shape. Dawson even has her own dance cardio exercise program. "I hate the idea of running on a treadmill or being among super-fit girls at the gym," she says. "I found a brilliant dance workout online that I could do during Noah's naps. I did it most days for 20-30 minutes and I've literally shaken my belly off while being daft in my living room."


She Wants To Live A Healthier Life

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Dawson is open about what caused her to change her lifestyle. She says that she wants to avoid certain health conditions, specifically diabetes."Messages from my followers on social media were flooding in saying, 'You really need to stop eating like that, you could end up with type 2 diabetes', plus my mum was diagnosed with the condition in June last year and that was a wake-up call," she told Closer. "After blood tests, my doctor said, 'If you carry on eating like this for another two months, you'll be on insulin, you need to change your diet'. I called Matthew and burst out crying."


She Stays Motivated

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Dawson opens up about her fitness journey on her social media accounts. She revealed in the caption of this reel how she stays motivated to workout. Dawson says that she tries to not expect immediate results, and thinks about her family to stay healthy. "They say it takes a month to change a habit, but I reckon it takes longer than that. I had a serious plateau in the middle of my fitness journey and almost felt like giving up. I thought like – maybe this is how I'm meant to be? But I stuck in there – just kept thinking of all the reasons I had to get in shape – Noah, Matthew, my mental health… Plus I wanted to be able to wear all my too glam to give a chuffin damn outfits with confidence!!"


She Still Indulges


Dawson admits to Closer Online that she still indulges in her favorite foods on occasion. "I might be slimmer – but chips and gravy are still my life," she says. "I'm not one for eating leaves. When I feel down, I'll get a chippy, that's how I've always been."


She Works Out Her Abs

Charlotte Dawson/Instagram

Dawson has her own workout program called Belleh Blaster. Naturally by the name of it, the plan is all about working your ab and core muscles. Dawson shares some of her workouts from the program on her Instagram. Dawson posted this video of herself and her trainer doing leg extensions in a sit-up position. She captioned it, "Eeeh we have some belleh laffs with Belleh Blaster!"


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