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Charlotte Dawson in Bathing Suit Says "Dubai Suits Chazza"

Here’s how she stays fit.

Reality star Charlotte Dawson, who appeared on Ex On The Beach, is currently spending time in Dubai, and she's clearly enjoying it. Dawson posted a stunning new photo on Instagram of herself spending time in the hotel pool. She wore a sleeveless yellow one-piece swimsuit, a matching cover-up, and a straw hat. She captioned the photo, "Dubai suits Chazza." She added of the many pics she has shared recently: "'Soz for the million selfies I was feelin me self & Matthew was chief photographer all day as I forgot me tripod from home.. as you can imagine he was buzzzzzzin'" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Charlotte Dawson stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Changed Her Diet

Dawson is the daughter of late comedian Les Dawson, and after she became a mom in 2020, she had a lot of reflective thoughts. Dawson's father died when she was eight months old, so when her son turned eight months, she began to worry about her health and that she wouldn't be there for him, especially after she had a health scare. Dawson tells Fabulous Magazine that she decided to work with nutritionist, Jo Travers, to help change her diet. "She sorted my diet with foods that don't spike my blood sugars," Dawson said.


She Watches Her Portion Sizes

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Dawson told Fabulous Magazine that one of the changes she made to her diet were the sizes of her portions. She says that she still enjoys her favorite foods, but in smaller sizes, which don't mess with her diabetes. "I've still been eating meals I love, like spaghetti Bolognese, but the portion sizes are a lot smaller so I can stay within 1,500 calories," she said.


She Indulges On Weekends


Dawson tells Fabulous Magazine that she does still indulge once in a while. However, she says that she saves said indulgences for the weekends, and eats healthy during the week. "Obviously the food has changed, but I'm honestly loving it. I still love my prosecco and fish and chips, but now I have it as a treat at the weekend."


She Works Out On Vacations

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In addition to eating healthy, Dawson says that she has started working out a lot more. And she is not wavering from her fitness routine. Even when she's on vacation. Dawson posted this video on Instagram of herself working out at her hotel. She wrote in the caption, "Did you ever think you'd see this?! Chazza working out on holiday! I'm obvs enjoying myself on me holiday so the belleh is being blasted.. it is only 15 minutes – so in the time it takes your cocktail to arrive you can fit a chuffin werkkk out in!!!"


She Does Plank Workouts

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Dawson posts a lot of workout videos on Instagram, usually with her personal trainer, Sophie Maggie. According to this video, Dawson and Maggie like to do a lot of planks and plank-based exercises together, like side plank crunches. Dawson humorously wrote in the caption, "Honestly I've never said I'm an expert at all this fitness biz – tbh before this last year I'd have thought a plank was something to do with pirates."

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