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Charlotte McKinney in Bathing Suit Spends "48 Hours in Florida"

The Carl’s Jr. model loves yoga and toning.

Charlotte McKinney is known for her work as a Carl's Jr. model and from her time on Dancing with the Stars. McKinney is also known as one of the most gorgeous models and women in Hollywood. Recently, she took her good looks to Florida for 48 hours and shared some photos from her trip. Read on to see 5 ways Charlotte McKinney stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Takes A Break From Her Healthy Lifestyle

Charlotte Mckinney/Instagram

McKinney says that she is committed to her fitness and eating a healthy diet. But she does take a break from her healthy lifestyle once a week. "I work out really hard and I stay on my diet all week. But on a Sunday, you know, maybe a little hungover, you have to reward yourself here and there, so I do," she says to People.


She Commits to Her Fitness and Looks For New Tips

Charlotte Mckinney/Instagram

McKinney tells People that she makes sure to commit to her fitness routine, and that she's always looking for new ideas and ways to work out. "I'm really interested in finding good tips to stay in shape and I love being in the gym and I love doing yoga," she says.


She Doesn't Let The Comments Get To Her

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Being in the public eye and on social media can be difficult. You'll have to deal with criticism and negative comments. And McKinney admits that she gets a lot of negativity, and it sometimes gets to her. However, she tells HollywoodLife that she's working on not reading the comments. "I try to not look at it, but at the end of the day, you'll see something. I try to take everything with a grain of salt and kind of just say, 'I don't know that person. They have no value in my life. If they want to say something negative, that's on them.' I think if you feed into it, you're just as bad as them," she said.


She Loves Toning and Lengthening Workouts

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

McKinney says that when it comes to fitness, she focuses on workout that tone and lengthen her body. "I'm all about lengthening and toning. I don't do heavy weights. I don't really do anything too intense. It's more cardio and stretching and yoga and keeping long, lean muscles as opposed to doing a bunch of reps with weights," she says to HollywoodLife. 


She Doesn't Go On Crash Diets & Focuses on Eating Healthy

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

McKinney says to HollywoodLife that she doesn't go on fad or crash diets, and advises other to avoid them. She says, "I say anyone can lose weight if you eat what's in season, local, fresh, and not in bags, you're good. All that other stuff, it's a trend. Trust me. I've fallen into all the juice cleanses and the things, but you end up just crashing so I've learned to eat what works for my body." McKinney says that she focuses on eating a healthy diet, and includes, "Lots of fish, vegetables, fruits and protein."


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