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Chelsea Handler Shows Off Toned Abs on Vacation

The comedian and host posted a revealing Instagram story.

Comedian, author, and TV and podcast host Chelsea Handler just posted a revealing new Instagram story. Handler captioned the photo "Scenes from my vacation," and showed off her six-pack while wearing workout clothing. How does the multi-hyphenate stay so toned while keeping so busy? Read on to see 7 ways Chelsea Handler stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


She Cut Back On Her Drinking

Chelsea Handler/Instagram

In a revealing 2020 interview with, Handler shared that she had decided to cut back on drinking alcohol. She says, "I used to drink all the time. I thought I could handle my alcohol, but I didn't realize how much your body and your life changes when it's not in your life every day." Handler says drinking less has helped her eat healthier and live better. "I think the cycle of drinking excessively for me was, like, drinking leads to more drinking the next day because you feel like" garbage. Then you eat like" garbage "because your cravings are bad and you want french fries and cheeseburgers. I don't want to live like that. I'm in my 40s now, so I have to [care] about the way I look and actually take care of my health from the inside out."


She Meditates

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Handler admitted to that she used to make fun of people who meditated, until her therapist recommended that she try it. "I like it first thing in the morning because it sets you up for the day," she says. "Like, it sets your intention. Be kind, be patient, and don't react to everything. Nothing is really that important."


She's Working on Her Diet

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Handler has said in the past that she hasn't always had a good relationship with food and diets, and has suffered from eating disorders. However, she's changed her outlook on food. "I changed my whole philosophy about food," she says to Women's Health. "It's there to serve me and help me function."


She Practices Intermittent Fasting In The Mornings


Handler is one of many celebrities who admits that they are intermittently fast. However, Handler only does so in the mornings. "I usually have fresh celery juice first thing in the morning and don't eat anything for a few hours," Handler tells Women's Health. "I try and go for as long as I can without eating in the morning…I usually work out from 8 to 9, and then eat after."


She Works Out With A Trainer

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In this post on Instagram, Handler reveals that she works out with a trainer, Ben Bruno. In the captioned Handler thanked Bruno for helping her get "the body I've been trying to get since I was 25." Bruno also enjoys working with Handler. "Chelsea is actually quite impressive," Bruno tells Shape. "She has a way of making everything look easy, especially when it comes to the core — and it's really not. She's just really strong."


She Focuses on her Core

A lot of Handler's Instagram workouts are heavily focused on working out her core. In this post, Handler is seen doing rotary chops, which is a favorite exercise of her trainer, Ben Bruno. "This position further increases the demand on your core, which forces you to engage both the upper and lower body to stabilize," he told Shape. "By not placing your knee on the ground, you essentially make this a full-body exercise."


She Works Out To Feel Good

Handler told People that her philosophy on working out has changed. "Now to me, working out is about being strong in your body for your health, while before it was about being physically looking good," she says. "Whereas now I'm like, I have to mentally be strong in order to work hard and get" stuff "done. It makes you feel better. At a certain age you're just like, okay. I mean obviously I want to look good too, but it becomes more about being mentally strong."


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