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Chiara Ferragni in Bathing Suit Has "First Swim of the Season"

Her health and beauty secrets revealed.

Italian entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni is soaking up the sun in beautiful Ourika, Morocco. Ferragni shared a picture of herself wearing a pastel bathing suit, posing in a beautiful pool with mountains in the background. "First swim of the season 😍," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Ferragni stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



Pizza Lover

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Ferragni says pizza is her favorite food ever. While pizza isn't traditionally thought of as a healthy food, it absolutely can be depending on ingredients. "Rather than say it is healthy or unhealthy, I will say that it can depend on what we do with the pizza in regards to the size, sauce, and toppings," says Angel Planells, RDN. "The reason why pizza may carry the 'unhealthy' moniker is that it's usually tied to the calories, sodium, and carbohydrates."


Coffee Every Day

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Ferragni can't do without her daily coffee. "I absolutely love coffee – it's a whole ritual in the morning and such a pleasure to have it after lunch," she says. "My most indulgent coffee break is when I drink iced coffee in the summer, I love the taste and the feeling of enjoying something as cold and strong. I'm very into coffees to go, that's a habit I developed when I was living in L.A. in my twenties and that I have kept to this day, in Italy, with my travel mug or at my favorite Italian coffee shop."


Mindful About Alcohol

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Ferragni moderates her alcohol intake for the sake of her health. "I try and be healthy wherever I am," she says. "I am trying to work out more, but it's not always possible as I don't have enough time or energy. I try to eat well, not drink too much, maybe a little wine, but no spirits."



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Ferragni would go on family hikes as a child, and has kept the habit up. Hiking is a great cardio workout, experts say. "The stronger the heart is, the more efficient your heart is, the less risk you have for heart disease, high cholesterol, pulmonary disease, even cancer, vascular disease and secondary effects of diabetes," says Julie Shappy, PhD, AT, MPT.


Simplicity Is Key


Ferragni keeps her beauty routine simple yet effective. "My beauty routine is super easy, I take a long shower, relax and I just moisturize my face," she says. "I like to let it breathe and not to stress it whenever I can."

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