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Chyna Ellis in Bathing Suit Has "Sunshine on my Mind"

Here is how the Love Island star stays in shape.

Chyna Ellis is brightening up social media with her latest snaps! The Love Island star shows off her fabulous figure via her latest Instagram post in a yellow swimsuit. "Sunshine on my mind," she captioned the snap. How does the reality star keep herself fit? Read on to see 5 ways Chyna Ellis stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



Health Stars with Organization

In an interview with Women Fitness, Chyna revealed that the first step to getting in shape is getting everything in order. "I've had to become more organized and make time to eat healthy and go to the gym! Working within the TV industry you go to a lot of events which means you are working all different hours, you also have to do a lot photo shoots so you want to make sure you're looking your best so time management is key… also finding the motivation to do things can be hard when you're working for yourself it's easy to get lost in other things so I've got a weekly to do list that I stick by now!" she said. 


She Does Cardio and Weight Training

Chyna puts in her time at the gym. "I'm lucky enough to have a fast metabolism but not everyone does and I'm told as you get older it starts to disappear so I'm constantly trying new things in the gym to keep me motivated, I like to do a lot of cardio & heavy weights I mainly focus on my arms and bum, lots of squats, lunges… and press ups is my thing!" she told Women Fitness. "I Like to do circuits as-well I think it's a fun way to exercise keeps you pumped! I also try to do a few boot camps throughout the year. I'm going to one in Spain in a few weeks actually it's good.. keeps you motivated and you meet new like-minded people that want to stay fit & healthy.. positive vibes!"


Her Diet Is Healthy


Chyna eats healthy, most of the time. "I try to keep to a healthy diet through the week," she told Women Fitness. She also tries to limit her alcohol intake. "Since Love Island I have drunk so much.. way too much actually and I've noticed it affects my skin & weight!! I've started to cut out any alcohol unless it's the weekend.. same with bad foods." Another way she ensures healthy eating? "I stick to a meal prep plan by a company near me and have chicken/Vegetables or tofu & cous cous for dinner! Then I'll have a healthy snack like a banana or avocado on toast is one of my favorites!"


She Has Psoriasis

Chyna revealed to Checklist that she suffers from a skin condition. "I've been working with loads of beauty brands recently and trying out new products because I suffer with psoriasis and have really bad skin. So I'm trying loads of creams that have an all-natural base," she said. "When I was on Love Island and Ibiza Weekender I was so self-conscious about it, but nobody knew I had it because I did so well to cover it up. I use a lot of makeup. I also use Sally Hansen, which is a fake tan. It's so good, I know Kim Kardashian uses it because she has psoriasis. And it literally covers the patches in your skin."


She Hydrates

Because of her psoriasis, Chyna eats healthy and also makes sure to hydrate "I think it's a lot to do with diet. It's not just about what you put on your skin, it's about how you look after your body," she said. "So I drink three liters of water a day, I eat a lot of vegetables and I train a lot as well. It's about keeping your body and mindset positive."

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