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Cynthia Cofano In Bathing Suit Says "Like My Bikini?"

She does Parkour.

Reality TV star Cynthia Cofano is crowdsourcing opinions about her swimwear, something her fans are more than happy to help with. "Do you like my bikini? 😍❤️," Cofana captioned a picture of herself wearing a two-piece white net bikini. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Cofano stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Lifts Weights

Cofana lifts weights as part of her workout routine, and shares her arm exercises on Instagram"Though we like to associate strength with lifting in the gym, a powerful upper body makes everyday tasks that much simpler," says fitness coach Kellie Davis. "You can rearrange your living room furniture without help, carry all your grocery bags in one trip, move boxes without getting a backache, and so much more! Being strong not only feels great, it grants you independence so you can take on bigger daily challenges with ease."


She Loves Parkour

Cofana enjoys parkour gym workouts, which experts say can have specific health benefits. "A lot of what we are first working on is balance," says Austin Gall, who teaches a parkour class for beginners at Aerial Warehouse in Culver City, California. "Just being able to balance along a rail without falling off or just simple things like footwork and jumping really low small distances."


Aerial Silk Workouts


Cofana keeps her workouts interesting with aerial silk exercises. "Depending on the brand, teacher, and class emphasis, an aerial fitness class can be anywhere from a slow-flowing, meditative, restorative experience with a body-mind-spirit connection to a kind of suspension fitness, using the apparatus to gain flexibility, strength, mobility, and agility in preparation for gymnastics and aerial arts-influenced flips and tricks," says yoga and meditation guide and holistic wellness expert Christa Quattrocchi.



Cofana is an accomplished gymnast. Studies show regular gymnastic sessions can lower blood pressure and cholesterol for older women. "There was a significant decrease in cholesterol levels after gymnastics training. This suggests that physical activity can influence the production of cholesterol in the body," the study says.


Horseback Riding

Cofana says she loves horses "so much". "Anyone who has ever slung a leg over a horse's back, held the reins and ridden into the sunset (or at least around a corral) knows the sensation," says the American Heart Association. "Yeah, that one. The one that makes you sit tall, sit proud, feel one with another living being. The one that fills your nostrils with the smell of hay or of pine trees; that fills your spirit with hope that anything is possible, and fills your mind with wonder at the majestic beast supporting you. As an added bonus, you're also guiding yourself to a longer and healthier life. You're bonding — with yourself and your horse, of course, but also with nature. Because in a world filled with treadmills and weight machines, nothing beats being outside."

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