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Deepika Padukone in Bathing Suit Strikes a Pose 

Here’s how the Bollywood star keeps herself in great shape. 

Deepika Padukone is sharing more photos from her Filmfare magazine shoot, in honor of the new movie Gehraiyaan! The Bollywood star is one of a few actors splashed on the cover of the most recent issue of the magazine, in which she models a variety of swimsuits within the pages. How does the xXs: Return of Xander Cage star keep herself so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Deepika Padukone stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


This Is Her Diet

Deepika eats a very healthy diet, per Fabbon. This is what she eats in a day. 

  • "Breakfast: Two eggs + low fat milk or South Indian food i.e. upma, idli, dosa
  • Pre-lunch: Bowl of fruits
  • Lunch: 2 chapattis, fish and fresh vegetables
  • Evening Snacks: Nuts and filter coffee
  • Dinner: Chapattis, veggies and fresh salad ('At night, I try to eat a light meal, but sometimes I don't succeed,' she said.)"


She Drinks Tons of Fluids

Deepika prioritizes hydration. "I make sure that I drink two liters of water a day to flush out toxins. I also have coconut water daily," Deepika said, according to Fabbon. She also drinks juices and smoothies. Use plant-based protein and a nut milk. That way, you strip your smoothies of the dairy, sugars, and artificial ingredients so common in popular shakes, so you can maximize all that's great about protein smoothies while zeroing out the negative. That means you'll be getting optimal nutrition in a delicious, easy-to-digest drink you can have at any point of the day.


She Eats Every Two Hours

Another Deekika's other eating strategies, per Fabbon? Eating small meals every two hours. "My snacking is limited to health foods like walnuts, almonds and dry fruits," she said. Her choice of snacks is great. Make sure yours include protein and one of the following:

  • Monounsaturated fats: olives and olive oil; nuts (including peanuts) and nut butters; avocado; dark chocolate (at least 72 percent cacao)
  • Polyunsaturated fats: oily fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, or sardines; flaxseed; sunflower seeds; sunflower oil; sesame seeds; pine nuts
  • Plant-based saturated fats: coconut (no sugar added), coconut oil (not hydrogenated)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: wild salmon, tuna, sardines and other cold-water fish; flaxseed; walnuts; chia seeds


She Allows Herself to Cheat…in Moderation

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Deepika allows herself to cheat. "I absolutely love desserts and, yes, I cheat very often. I think the key is not to be hard on yourself, but use moderation. One should eat everything in required quantity. You must know what suits your body the best," she said, per Fabbon. 


She Mixes Up Her Workouts

Deepika does a lot of exercises. Her go-to workout is pilates infused with Yoga for the mind-body experience. "I do a lot of freehand weights and four to five sets of stretching exercises with 10 to 20 reps in between Pilates or stretching routines," she said, per Fabbon. "I don't particularly like running, so I don't do a lot of conventional gym exercises. I try and exercise as often as I can, but when I'm traveling or shooting, I tend to skip it for days on end." 30 minute walks in the morning and evening are also part of her routine.  

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