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Demi Lovato in Bathing Suit is a "Cutie"

Here is how the star got healthy and happy.

Demi Lovato is looking healthy and happy in their swimsuit! The non-binary singer and actor shared a bunch of photos over the weekend, looking fabulous and fit in a swimsuit during a getaway in Joshua Tree. Over the years, the star has openly struggled with body image issues and addiction, and shared their wisdom on the journey. "Cutie," said one fan. Read on for 7 ways Demi Lovato changed their approach to health and wellness and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bikini Photos!


Demi Was Once Obsessed with Fitness

In 2020, Demi was interviewed by model Ashley Graham for her "Pretty Big Deal" podcast. On it, they admitted that they was once so obsessed with working out and losing weight, that they would exercise multiple times a day. "I'd eat a meal, go work out," they said. "That's not happiness to me. That's not freedom."


They Had to Take a Break From Exercise

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In 2019, Lovato had to step away from exercise altogether and reset. "For so many years I dealt with an eating disorder. What I wasn't ever open with myself about was, whenever I was in the gym I was doing it to an unhealthy extreme," they said at the 2019 Teen Vogue Summit. "Embracing my body as it is naturally is why I took the month of October off the gym."


They Learned to Accept Their Body

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Demi learned to accept their body, which differs from body positivity. "We hear the term body positivity all the time. To be honest, I don't always feel positive about my body. Sometimes I do not like what I see. I don't sit there and dwell on it. I also don't lie to myself," they said during the Summit. "I used to look in the mirror if I was having a bad body image day and say 'I love my body, you're beautifully and wonderfully made.' But I didn't believe it. I don't have to lie to myself and tell myself I have an amazing body. All I have to say is 'I'm healthy.' In that statement, I express gratitude. I am grateful for my strength and things I can do with my body. I am saying I'm healthy and I accept the way my body is today without changing anything."


Now, They Are Healthier

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Lovato ended up losing weight, not because they were trying but because they finally learned how to live a healthy lifestyle. "I don't count calories anymore. I don't over-exercise anymore. I don't restrict or purge. And I especially…don't live my life [according] to the diet culture…and I've actually lost weight," they captioned a recent Instagram video. "I feel full. Not of food, but of divine wisdom and cosmic guidance, peace, serenity, joy, and love."


They Celebrate Their Stretch Marks

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In 2020, Demi inspired fans, by embracing their stretch marks and painting them with glitter to honor their eating disorder recovery. "In honor of my gratitude for the place I'm in today, this was a lil shoot I did by myself in quarantine this summer when I wanted to celebrate my stretch marks instead of being ashamed of them. I started wearing actual glitter paint on my stretch marks to celebrate my body and all of it's features (whether society views them as good OR bad) My stretch marks aren't going away so might as well throw a lil glitter on em' amiright? Also let this be a reminder to anyone who doesn't think it's possible: IT ACTUALLY IS YOU CAN DO IT. I BELIEVE IN YOU. This year was tough.. be gentle on yourself if you slip up and remember to get right back on track because you're WORTH THE MIRACLE OF RECOVERY I LOVE YOU," Demi wrote. 


Demi Celebrates Their Body

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"I'm not naturally super thin. I have an athletic body. I just have to embrace that. There are days when it's hard to, but more and more, there are days where I'm actually proud of my body," Demi told Complex


They Have Learned the Beauty of Balance

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Demi also prioritizes self-care. "I definitely take time for myself," they told Hoda Kotb in a recent TODAY interview  "Luckily, I'm in a position in my career where I've kind of paid my dues a little bit. I've been around the block, so I don't have to run myself into the ground anymore like I used to do when I was first starting out." 

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