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Diana Vickers Shares Swimsuit Photo "By the Sea"

This is how she exercises. 

British singer and actress Diana Vickers is having a sunny, relaxing holiday at the beach in Menorca, Spain. Vickers, 32, shared highlights of her trip to the Balearic islands, including pictures and video of herself wearing a green bikini as she took a dip in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. "Freckles, me, my sister and other cute stuff by the sea," she captioned the post. Vickers has never looked better—so what's her secret? Here are 5 ways the star stays healthy and in shape.


Dance-Based Fitness

Vickers enjoys yoga, including hot yoga, and dance-based fitness classes. "I do barrecore, which is a combination of yoga, Pilates and ballet techniques," she says. "I always feel good after it. I'm a member of Fitness First gyms, too. I don't believe in dieting. Some days I have lots of chocolate, cheese and pasta, but generally I have a balanced diet." 


Healthy Diet


A typical breakfast for Vickers is cereal and toast, before going for a 6km run. "With lots of lads in the crew, the catering van always puts chips on at lunch but I stick to grilled fish with vegetables," she says. "Might have a bit of sticky toffee pudding. I manage to drink two liters of water throughout the day. I'm good at bringing nuts to snack on during long days… At home my boyfriend, who is a chef, brings home lamb chops with yogurt and fresh mint, which we have with salad and heritage tomatoes."


Her Perfect Day


Vickers' perfect day consists of plenty of delicious food and grilling. "I'll be eating breakfast on my roof terrace," she says. "After that, I'll probably be going into the village near where I live for a drink. I'll also be buying things for a big barbeque later that day. Then I get the boyfriend on the barbeque and my pals come round. We live near the Ginger Pig, which is one of the best butchers in the UK; it's just up the road. It normally supplies some of London's best restaurants. We go in there to buy a filet steak, sausages and chicken steaks. My boyfriend is a bit radical and he'll throw a bit of liver on the BBQ. I live with my sister and friend Emily, so they'll always be involved."


Skincare Overhaul


Vickers has transformed her skin thanks to Kylie Minogue's dermatologist.  "I used to hide my face with my hair and hands," she says. "I started taking Roaccutane, went on the Pill and started seeing a dermatologist called Jenny Harding, who's worked with Girls Aloud and Kylie. She does amazing facials and creates special creams for me. I'm also drinking loads of water and not getting stressed. It's changed my life."


Her Beauty Tips

Vickers swears by self-care and a simple routine for looking and feeling her best. "Take your make-up off at night to avoid clogged pores, drink plenty of water for glowing skin, and for pearly white teeth, chew gum – my favorite is Wrigley's Extra White Bubblemint," she says. "I book into a spa for a facial and body massage. Then I go with a girlfriend for smoked salmon and poached egg on toast at The Riding House Café, near Oxford Circus [in London]."

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