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Dina Asher-Smith in Bathing Suit Lives the "Soft Life"

Here’s how she stays so fit.

Dina Ashler-Smith is taking a much-needed vacation. The fastest British sprinter of all times is slowing things down and relaxing in her swimsuit during a getaway. "Soft life," she captioned one of her latest Instagram posts, showing off her incredibly fit physique. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 56ways Dina Asher-Smith stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Stays Away From Weights

Dina avoids weightlifting. "I don't lift weights," she told Runner's World. "There are lots of other ways to get power. It's not about how much weight you can throw around, but how well you use the power that you have."


She Planks

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Dina has her own special plank. She explained to Runner's World that she starts in plank position, then, one arm at a time, moves into a press-up position. Then, she returns, one arm at a time, to the starting position. She tries to do five rotations in 60 seconds, keeping her hips level.


She Sprints

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Dina is a sprinter so it's no surprise that running is part of her workout. She does three sets of 5x160m at race pace, with a 45 second break between reps. "When it feels OK rather than deadly, you know you're in good shape," she told Runner's World. 


Her Diet Is Healthy

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Dina starts the day with scrambled eggs with spinach and black coffee. "I need help in the morning," she told Runner's World. For lunch she eats salmon rice and vegetables. "I really love carrots and sweetcorn." And for dinner? Chicken, salad and rice. "It's fairly repetitive, which is hard for a foodie like me."


She Cheats

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Dina dished to Cosmopolitan that she is all about the occasional cheat meal. "Definitely! If I were constantly 'on' all the time I would eventually crash," she said. "I really like cupcakes, so once or twice a fortnight (sad how infrequent it is) I'll stop and get my favorite Cookies and Cream one from Lola's. They make me unbelievably happy." 


She Takes Breaks When She Needs Them

How does Dina deal with stress? "As odd as it sounds I take a break – which might not seem productive with a deadline approaching. However, when I get stressed it feels like my brain shuts down and can't do anything efficiently, so I will listen to some music or make myself something to eat and then come back when I'm more relaxed," she told Cosmopolitan. 

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