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Dorota Chotecka in Bathing Suit Says "Ciao!"

Here’s how she supports her health, inside and out.

Polish star Dorota Chotecka is having a very relaxed vacation in beautiful Taormina, Italy. Chotecka, 57, shared a snap of herself lounging on a beach towel in a pink bathing suit, reading a book with the gorgeous Sicilian landscape behind her. "Ciao!" she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Chotecka stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Hits the Gym

Chotecka visits the gym for strength training and cardio. Experts recommend staying active throughout the day, even if you can't find time for working out. "Regular trips to the gym are great, but don't worry if you can't find a large chunk of time to exercise every day," says the Mayo Clinic. "Any amount of activity is better than none at all."


Walking Her Dog

Chotecka enjoys walking her dog in all weathers, which is beneficial for both mental and physical health. "Mindful walking clears your mind and helps you reconnect with your body," says Mary Maddux, cofounder of Meditation Oasis. "Let it all go, and you can come back refreshed and be able to see things with new eyes."


Skiing Trips

Chotecka loves to go skiing with her family. "One of the best ways to start enticing your kids to be active is to make sure you are being active yourself," says Kimberly Burke, a lecturer in the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University. "You want to model the behavior of making time and prioritizing health and activity for your kids, and it is important to show them that their health (and yours) is something worth working on and working towards."


Priorities In Life

Chotecka focuses on the most important thing in life—her family. "My mother taught me two things: courage and humility," she says. "And that helped me a lot in my relationship. And today, appearance, fame or money do not matter to us. It is important that we can always count on each other, that when I come home after a hard day, my husband and daughter are waiting for me."


Independent Woman

Chotecka says she waited a long time to get married because she always believed in being independent. "The belief that a woman should be self-sufficient and earn her own living," she says. "That she should be independent. I was a bit of a feminist, in quotes, but… There was a lot of reserve in me for marriage and starting a family, having children. Like I'm afraid of something. But it turned out that when I got married, those fears disappeared. They weren't mine."

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