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Dr. Jennifer Ashton in Bathing Suit is "Running Into 2023"

She follows a plant-based diet.

ABC's chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton is embracing 2023 by celebrating on a beach. Ashton posted a video on Instagram where she is seen running in the beautiful surf in a blue bathing suit. "Running into 2023 with arms, eyes, heart and mind wide open with gratitude, focus and love. Happy New Year!" she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Ashton stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



She Switched From Keto To Plant-Based

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Ashton experimented with a plant-based diet and found it worked for her (she still eats fish once or twice a week). "Amy [Robach] and I would always talk about fitness and nutrition," she says. "I was a big proponent for keto eating and we've done numerous segments on the science behind it, but T.J. [Holmes] is to blame for getting me completely plant-based. I had always said no way would I do that! I have a lot of nut allergies and was scared that I would gain weight because of the carbs. T.J. had me watch documentaries and we conducted a little experiment. Now that I'm on it, my cholesterol has gone down and I've lost ten pounds."


Mixing Up Her Workouts

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Ashton enjoys a variety of workouts. "I lift weights, run, swim, bike, and I also do a type of resistance stretching called the Bar Method," she says. "As for her favorite exercise class? "I like a combination. It's a tie between Soul Cycle and the Bar Method."


Fish For Lunch

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Although Ashton avoids meat, she still incorporates fish into her diet. "I eat a lot of salmon actually," she says. "I will have a plant-based protein smoothie as a snack or a shake made with spinach, blueberries, water and protein powder."


She Is Open About Anxiety

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Ashton has been frank about her experiences living with anxiety. "What I learned from my own experience with anxiety attacks is that I think a stigma occurs in a lot of society with people thinking that it's not real, or it's not serious or it's insignificant because we all know that there's no actual situation occurring," she says. "But none of that matters. The physical manifestations, the symptoms that I felt when I experienced these anxiety attacks, were absolutely real."


She Is Disciplined

Ashton makes a point of prioritizing workouts. "I schedule my workouts the same way I do work assignments or appointments with patients," she says. "I try to do some form of cardio, strength training, meditation and stretching each day, even if that means waking up extra early."

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