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Edurne in Bathing Suit is "Out of the Sea"

Here’s how the singer stays fit.

Spanish singer Edurne Garcia is channeling The Little Mermaid with the help of husband David de Gea. Edurne, 37, shared a reel of herself recreating one of the iconic scenes from the animated movie, wearing a purple bikini and lip syncing in a beautiful pool. "🎶🎶🌊🌊 Out of the sea, wish I could be, part of that world 🌊🌊🎶🎶," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Edurne stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Plenty of Sleep

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Edurne focuses on a basic wellness routine, with good sleep as the foundation. "I have a super basic routine," she says. "First of all, sleep 8 hours. It is necessary to perform all day, especially when you have children. Also, when I combine as many projects as I do now, my body asks me to. I also usually eat super healthy and balanced (although I allow myself my whims) and I try to exercise, whether at home or outside."


Lots of Healthy Habits

Edurne doesn't rely on regular gym sessions to stay fit and healthy—instead, she makes a point of staying active and drinking plenty of water. "Of course sport is essential, if I can't go to the gym, I swim, walk, dance," she says. "The important thing is to always be on the move. I take care of my diet without obsessing and I drink a lot of water especially now in summer, essential!"


Personal Trainer Sessions

Edurne works out with a personal trainer and keeps a balanced lifestyle. "I usually go to the gym at least twice a week or with my personal trainer," she says. "If I go alone I usually do some kind of cardio or cycle, which I love! And when I go with my trainer I do full-body toning exercises and stretches. I sincerely eat everything, but I always try to make up for it, when one day I eat too much the next I make up for it with something lighter, but I take good care of it. I drink a lot of water, which is also very important, and I do sports. There are no more tricks!"


Loving Herself

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Edurne says her self-esteem is at a '10' after learning to love herself. "Girls have always had the pressure of trying to please others and we have forgotten what we like to prioritize what others like," she says. "This is not required of men, they are not asked to have to be thin, well groomed… Nor are they judged so much. Fortunately, we are realizing that we have to love ourselves and do what we want, whether it seems good or not to the rest. Because you can't like everyone."


Embracing Her Curves

Edurne has learned that inner happiness leads to outer beauty, and maintains healthy habits for the sake of self-care rather than just appearance. "Women should have their curves, they should take care of themselves, that they exercise, that they eat well, that they take care of their hair," she says. "The better you feel on the inside, the more beautiful you will be on the outside."

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