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Ella Purnell in Bathing Suit Selfie Says "Hi"

Here is how the Yellowjackets star stays fit.

Ella Purnell is having a little too much fun in the sun this summer in her swimsuit! The Yellowjackets star shared a bunch of photos over the weekend on social media, documenting her day at the beach. In one selfie, she rocks a swimsuit top, looking absolutely gorgeous. In another, she revealed her tan lines – or more specifically, burn lines – after her beach day. How does the 25-year-old prioritize health and wellness? Read on to see 5 ways Ella Purnell takes care of herself both mentally and physically and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



Ella Purnell/Instagram

To prep for the movie Army of the Dead, Ella hit the gym. "I went to the gym and did boxing lessons with my stepdad, but I'm just not that way inclined. I've got the upper-body strength of a spoon and I'm not very coordinated. I'd get told off because if I try to look cool, I'm doing something else weird with my limbs. When I was running, if I'm holding my gun with one hand, I'm doing gun hands with the other [laughs]. We spent time with these two nice ex-army dudes. They taught us how to shoot, move as a team and have each other's backs," she told Vogue. She also works out with her mom.


Take a Hike

Ella might not be inclined to work out in the gym, but she maintains a seriously active lifestyle. Hiking in the mountains, biking, and walking on the beach are a few of her favorite activities. In April, she even camped and hiked the Grand Canyon with her boyfriend. 


Go for a Skate

Ella likes to roll her way to a fit figure with the help of roller skating. "A chilled morning skate with the eagles in the mountains of Vancouver Island // lately I've been focusing on flow; just getting smoother with those transitions and filler moves like disco spins and dips. Still struggling to balance with that heal toe spin at the end but getting better at coming out of them without landing on my ass!" she captioned a recent video of herself skating around.


Prioritize Your Mental Health

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Ella prioritizes her mental health. She recently opened up about her anxiety and depression, revealing how she treats it. "I have anxiety and have had depression in the past," she told the Evening Standard. "When I was 15 or 16 I had a bad experience at school — some issues with other classmates and somebody I was seeing, we don't need to go into it. I started self-harming and did that for a long time until my mum caught me and I started to learn about it [mental health]." She hopes that by discussing her experiences, it will help people understand issues surrounding self-harm. "Self-harm is not about attention — I hid [my scars] for six months, wore long T-shirts, covered them up with make-up. It's about punishing yourself, for people who dislike themselves or suffer from insecurity or self-doubt," she continued. "I still have the scars and it's something that I did that I will always regret: it hurt a lot of people around me and it's on my body forever."


Indulge in Food You Love

Ella might be healthy most of the time, but she has a few go-to indulgences. She captioned one of her photos, "chips or fries you decide." Another one of her favorite treats? Ice cream. 

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