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Emily Atack in Bathing Suit Says "Storm's Coming"

Here’s how she stays fit.

Emily Atack, the British actress beloved on The In-Betweeners, Keith Lemon programs, and The Emily Atack Show, is on the run. "Storms coming," she captioned a photo of her in a bathing suit. "Let's leg it somewhere @hollieqstylist," tagging stylist extraordinaire Hollie Quoreenton, who was also in the photo. How does she stay so fit while keeping so busy? Read on to see 5 ways Emily Atack stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Feels Free With Her Body

Emily Atack/Instagram

Emily appeared on I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and had to wear a swimsuit. "My weight has long been criticized [on social media], so wearing a bikini in the jungle was a daunting prospect," she told Women's Health UK. "But the experience forced me to rebuild my relationship with my body; because there was nowhere to hide, I had to embrace those insecurities and I returned from Australia feeling free."


She Loves to Cook and Host

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

"My kitchen is an absolute state by the end of it, but I love it, I don't mind," she told Hello. "I want people to feel comfortable in my home. I'm really not one to fuss about a pasta sauce stain going on the sofa – I really don't care."


She Tries to Eat Healthy


"I do try and keep quite healthy – because I love alcohol, I have to balance it out a bit! I can't be eating bags of chips if I'm having wine," she told Hello. For lunch, for example, "I'll have a chicken salad with cucumber, tomato, loads of veg, chopped peppers, chopped onions."


She Intermittent Fasted

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

"I do intermittent fasting," she told Women's Health. "I don't have breakfast – I'm not a morning person – and I'll eat my first meal, usually a chicken salad, around midday. Mid-afternoon, I'll have a snack, and then another meal early evening, which is normally a pasta-based dish or a HelloFresh delivery if I'm busy. And if I want dark chocolate, popcorn or my favourite pad thai takeaway, I won't deny myself."


She's Always Wearing Makeup—But Never Goes to the Counter

JMEnternational/Getty Images

"I don't go to counters now because I get my makeup done all the time for work – my cousin Lydia Barnes is an amazing makeup artist. But the first time was when I was 16, I had just had my heart broken, I was miserable and my mum let me have the day off and took me into work with her in London. We went into Liberty. It was the first time I had ever been there – it was so exciting. I had my makeup done at Bobbi Brown by a really nice man, who made me look pretty and said, 'Darling, he's not worth it!'" she told Get the Gloss.

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