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Emmy Medders in Bathing Suit is "Good for the Soul"

She’s an outdoorsy person.

Emmy Medders is feeling refreshed after a relaxing weekend in Miami, Florida. Chase Chrisley's fiancée shared a series of pictures of herself relaxing on a lounger on the beach, wearing a rust-colored bathing suit and beige coverup. "A weekend that was good for the soul 🫶🏼🌴✈️," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Medders stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!



Face Roller

Medders uses a face roller to help maintain her skin health and appearance, which experts say can help encourage lymphatic drainage. ​​"The lymphatic system is your body's way of getting rid of toxins and unwanted bacteria in the body," says dermatologist Shilpi Khetarpal, MD. "So by rolling in a certain direction, you can improve the lymphatic flow and drainage of the face."


Coffee Every Day

Medders loves her coffee, and drinks it every day. Researchers say coffee offers a wealth of health benefits—especially if it's hot. "Coffee has a lot of antioxidants, if you drink it in moderation, research shows it can be pretty good for you," says Megan Fuller, PhD. "We found the hot brew has more antioxidant capacity."


Collagen Supplements

Medders takes collagen supplements as part of her skincare regimen. "As we age, the production of collagen slows and the collagen produced is less efficient – which underlies many of the changes we see with aging, such as wrinkling and sagging of the skin, joint pain, loss of height, and fractures," says Deborah Lee, MD. "The structure of collagen is organized with a complicated fiber system, with chains of amino acids arranged in fibrils, like strong ropes, to provide a tight and reliable support structure."



Medders is a huge fan of hydrafacials (her skin speaks for itself!). "This treatment is nice for teenagers with acne, adults with pimples, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation, and older patients with sun damage and even flaky pre-cancerous spots (as part of more serious treatments)," says Dr. Ellen Marmur, New York City-based dermatologist and founder of Marmur Metamorphosis. "Although beneficial to many skin types, those with active rashes, sunburns, or rosacea, along with pregnant patients, should abstain from this treatment." 


Outdoor Workouts

Medders loves to exercise outside in the fresh air and sunshine. "Simply being outside in nature can help de-stress us, since it has been shown to lower salivary cortisol, one of the biomarkers of stress," says Suzanne Bartlett Hackenmiller, MD. "Research has also suggested that just five minutes in nature is all it takes for our brain to start thinking differently and for us to experience a more relaxed disposition."

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