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Ester Expósito in Bathing Suit Shares "the Best Thing"

This is what her diet and training look like.

Spanish actress and model Ester Expósito is fully appreciative of the beautiful scenery and sunshine on a trip to Mexico. Expósito, 23, shared pictures of her vacation, including a snap of herself lounging in a hammock in a light bathing suit, enjoying the shade of a thatched hut with palms outside. "The corn ice cream is the best thing that has happened to me," she captioned the post. "Elote is everything that is good in this life," responded soccer star Selene Valera. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Expósito stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Legs, Glutes, and Abs

Expósito works out with personal trainer Miguel Lordán. "Every day we do different exercises so the muscles don't get used to it," she says. "We work especially on the legs and glutes. Abdomen also a lot, and arms only from time to time. We change the routine, sometimes we work with weights, going up and down stairs, we do exercises with resistance bands, with TRX, sit-ups… I train three days a week and I don't miss it, since I started with Miguel I never skip my workouts."


Muscle-Building Diet

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Expósito focuses on healthy, nutritious choices to help her build muscle. "I have some tips for eating foods that help make me strong: tuna, red meat, rice, pasta," she says. "Bananas and avocados are very good. I make myself smoothies. I pay a lot of attention to my diet, but I don't keep a plan. I know the things that are good for my muscles, I talked about it with my coach when we started working together and I am incorporating them into my meals."


Dancing Workouts

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Expósito loves to dance, which is a great way to work out without getting bored or feeling trapped in an exercise rut. Research shows dancing is beneficial for mental and physical health, whether done alone or in a group. "[When I was small] I practiced ballet, and then I did a lot of hip hop, but now what I like to dance the most is reggaeton," she says. "As soon as I hear it, I can't stop!" 


Living With Anxiety


Expósito has dealt with anxiety her whole life, and emphasizes the importance of managing it. "I already lived with [anxiety] as a teenager and there are factors that make it intensify," she says. "When the situation overwhelms me, I try to stop, leave my phone, and disconnect. I try to think about the positive, which is a lot, and recount so I don't miss out on the good things that are happening at that moment… it's more a matter of normalizing it. Anxiety is something that most people live with and you should not think that one day you will be free of it, because there is no such thing as absolute peace."


Sun Protection

Expósito knows the importance of protecting her skin and hydrating it after spending time in the sun. "Everything starts with treating the skin at all times, from sunbathing with high protection to moisturizing it and giving it everything it needs after exposure," she says. The actress swears by YSL Perfect Plumper Cream for beautiful skin. "It deeply hydrates my skin after spending all day at the beach or in the pool. Its texture is very pleasant and it melts into my skin, leaving it juicy and full of vitality."

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